Wii sales mean nothing if you don't play it

Citing a study, Famitsu publisher, Hirokazu Hamamura, explained in an interview that 67 percent of Wii owners simply don't use their Wiis. And as a Wii owner who played it constantly for about a month, then proceeded to allow it to collect dust, I can relate to the study.

But besides my own preferences, I can't help but think that the Wii is in trouble. Sure, some go out and tell us about the Wii sales figures, but there are no figures showing us that people actually play Wii games. Worse, Wii video game sales barely scratch the top ten when matched with titles from Microsoft or Sony -- another dust competitor.

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bung tickler4048d ago

yep this article hit the nail on the head.

Fisher3394048d ago

i only played it for about 1 month, haven't touched it in a while.

My family played it longer than i did, but no one has used it in over a month.

Evil0Angel4048d ago

they make profit out of each box(even if u do not buy any-game),they make alot of profit from the prehiples(especially controler 45£), i am in UK and to get the WII you still have to put your name in list and wait around 1-2 month to get your hand in like
super mario glaxy/ wii fit has not been relased yet

darkequitus4048d ago

traded my wii at game before the value falls

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TruthbeTold4048d ago

How many times is this B.S. article about "No one playing their Wii" going to be circulated? No one has yet come up with the evidence for this claim of "67%" of Wii owners who don't play the system. Why? Because apparently it is not a scientific measurement. I know they didn't ask me or my group of Wii owning friends...
Be that as it may, PS3, 360 owners, and so-called Gamer-purists slither all over this kind of crap. Continually. Why? Because "Only their idea of what gaming is and should be is correct" (That and they paid alot more and can't stand to hear that the cheaper choice is more fun for many.)
But that isn't even the main point here. Who reads this garbage? For the most part, the "Purist" choir who hates the Wii and is ready to "Amen" anything negative written about it. And Wii owners who come across this B.S. while looking for upcoming games, news, and what-not. While I wouldn't doubt that there are alot of Wii owners that are waiting somewhat impatiently for more games, the sky isn't falling. Though the hateful fanboys of the less fortunate systems would like us to think so.
Nintendo does have a problem currently in that their best games such as Zelda, and Metroid Prime 3, (while immensely fun), do not have the type of replay value that people are looking for. You play them through once, maybe twice or three times, and you are done with the game for a year or so. Or in some cases such as Resident Evil 4, you've played the game before and are only playing it again on the Wii for the improved graphics and Wii Remote shooting. This is true. However. There are many other games out there that are fun, including the immense lineup of the virtual console, which I personally have bought several of and am having fun with. In my own waiting, I have discovered games such as Big Brain Academy, Mario Strikers Charged, and Dragonball Z Budokai Tenkaichi 2. Such things are good not only for the Market, but also for me personally as a gamer.
So in a nut-shell, why are these "hearsay", unsubstantiated, "crap talking" articles going around right now? Because Nintendo Wii's slight weakness (By slight I mean that we are still in and around the system's first year of being released!) of not having many games that are truly renowned for replay value is something they believe they can exploit to the absurd extent that politicians do. What on earth will they do when Super Mario Galaxy comes out? (People still play and have fun with Mario Sunshine, a vastly inferior game). And with Super Smash Bros Brawl, likely to become (Yes, you heard it here first) the game with the most Replay value of all time around the corner, they'll have nothing that even the uninformed will listen to.
The PS3 and XBOX 360 fanboy would try to turn people away from the Wii and so-called casual gaming, by influencing the casual observer and reader. But all they do in the end is preach to the choir. Their strategy come February 10th will have to be to shut up in order to keep Wii publicity down as much as possible. Amen to that.

Rooftrellen4048d ago

Let the truth be told!

+bubbles, +bubbles a million times over!

And while we're talking about fanboys of other systems giving an "amen" to negative Wii news, let me give one to you.


forum_crawler4047d ago

They didn't ask me either if I play wii on a regular basis or not. Truth be told, I don't spend hours on it everyday (I do have a life) but when I do get those precious hours to myself, I do play.

The wii is not in trouble, if it was then the XBox and PS3 are too since they are not moving the same number of consoles...

Please stop the madness, the wii is doing well and will continue to do well for the foreseeable future. And please to all the fanboys out there, make up your minds, is it console sales, attach rate, how many people playing it, or how many developers are developing for it, or whatever new metric you will dream of? Please at least try to agree on a metric to knock the wii!!!

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Almighty4048d ago

Kinda ironic. So if that percentage of people doesn't play the Wii, being this the best selling system in that country. What the FuqcK they play?

hfaze4048d ago

Where you have people that got a Wii just for the novelty Wii Sports. You're talking about a market segment that MIGHT buy two games a year.

Good thing that Nintendo is making money off of the consoles from the beginning... Because they sure don't seem to be making the killing off of software they should be with all of those consoles sold...

Darkiewonder4048d ago

Of course, When there's game to play the system won't be left unused :p

[Mine hasn't been "used" for over 3 months now]

darthv724048d ago

Neo Geo VC games. I do play my GC games through it but I want some new VC games. Having just gotten the Neo Geo system running in the VC, Nintendo should try for more obscure systems like the Jaguar, 32x, Master System, MSX. Since they can't do anything with optical format games (leaves out Sega CD, Duo CD, 3DO, etc) they have to stick to games and systems that offered solid state format.

As with the PS3....where are the GAMES????

unsunghero284048d ago

I love the PS3 and the Wii, but most of the time it's just the Wii that's stuck with the "lack of games" hate.

gnothe14048d ago

NOTHING!! the only game I played was Wii sports. the super moneky ball game was extremly short an I didnt care for it to much. now my Wii isnt even in my entertainment shelf anymore!!

unsunghero284048d ago

The launch titles couldn't hold you over all this long.

Gee, what a surprise.