Steps PSN Users Can do to Protect Themselves

Gamers everywhere are aware that PlayStation Network is down, as has been compromised with your personal information. However, even though this information maybe securely stored, it is important to be aware of steps one should take to keep a hold on one’s identity.

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Graphics2395d ago

Am I suppose to do a specific dance step or walk? Then Ill be protected? Feet are so powerful.

chadwarden2395d ago

You could draw a circle around yourself to stay protected against hacker bears.

JimmyJames702395d ago

I think you're supposed to watch you backside.

Ranshak2395d ago

Ill just go online from my PC here on, leave the PS3 to the SP exclusives.

ThatArtGuy2395d ago

Yeah, because PC's never get hacked.

Ranshak2395d ago

Only if you are an incompitent twit and even then its not like all your online gaming can go down in one blow.

HardCover2395d ago (Edited 2395d ago )

Lol that's silly.

PSN is entirely in Sony's control. They mess up, everybody gets compromised.

On a PC you decide yourself how far you take your security measures. Currently; there is no widespread online security breach targeting PC gamers.

Or did Steam recently get hijacked without me hearing about it? Lol.

Bladestar2395d ago

I think which service is a better service between xbox live and PSN should now be put to rest. People expect only microsoft to be the one hacked and with security flaws. One week without service and without knowing when it will be back on is only acceptable for those hard core sony royalists. I would suggest anyone that used a credit card in PSN to call the credit card company and report it lost so they can re-issue a new one.

ThatArtGuy2395d ago

So how do you explain Live being down for two weeks? I see you have selective memory.

2395d ago
DiLeCtioN2395d ago

how many more of these repetitive articles...

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