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When Valve released the original Portal as a pack-in for The Orange Box, no one knew it would outshine their main bet, Half Life 2: Episode Two. But the promise of cake and an ever-loving weighted companion cube overwhelmingly resounded with gamers everywhere, and new Internet memes were popping up all over the place from this mostly non-violent shooter-puzzler. Portal won numerous game of the year awards, and a sequel was announced a few years later. With such an outstanding release the first time around, did Valve deliver another diamond in the form of Portal 2? You bet your cube-loving butt.

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Sev2761d ago

Great game. Deserving of all the praise it's getting.

joinsideke2761d ago

Seriously a masterpiece.

To bad users severe experience portal side effects after playing it:
Desire for more portal.

gorebago2761d ago

Yeah towards the end of my playthrough i was rushing through it to get to the end and now i wish i hadn't because now i want more.

T3mpr1x2761d ago

Luckily there's co-op! :) Plus DLC and custom levels are in the pipeline...We just have the pain of waiting.

gorebago2761d ago

True. I haven't touched co-op yet. I also can't wait to replay the game knowing the full context of the storyline too. It'll make for a richer experience.

Dlc should feature more cam johnson. His tirade about lemons and glados's almost-orgasmic reaction was epic. "He says what we're thinking." I love it. Little things like that make this game what it is a story where the ai are actually human by being ripe with emotion and the human, chell, is the robot - mute and driven by one goal, to escape.

dragon822761d ago

One of my favorite games this generation. Pure masterpiece!!!!!

BigWoopMagazine2760d ago

Absolute awesomeness, totally worth the wait. I just wish the level editor would run on my laptop, I have so many great ideas!!