Driver: San Francisco-Hands On

"Driver: San Francisco has had something of protracted and prolonged incubation period. At nearly five years in development, San Francisco is on the cusp of two very different end results; it will either overwhelmingly disappoint or it will achieve its potential and bring the Driver franchise back to the forefront of open world driving games. Having spent a behind closed doors hour with San Francisco in London this week I’m relieved to report that this latest edition’s prospects have more in common with the latter than with the former. Driver San Francisco is fun, refreshing, accessible and most surprising of all, a little dark."

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ilikestuff2788d ago

hmmm the whole shift thing is kinda bush league but well see and hopefully theres some strippers in the game. i love strippers, their boobs and bum bums and what not, i love them.

ian722788d ago

Nearly 5 years development time. It should be great with taking that long.

Rocket Sauce2788d ago

Why did they put magical superhuman powers in Driver?