Podcast Beyond, Episode 17: IGN talk with Uncharted's Lead Game Designer, Richard Lemarchand.

Jeremy, Chris and Ryan deliver the podcast today with special guest Richard Lemarchand, who prerecorded an interview dealing with Naughty Dog's upcoming title, Uncharted: Drake's Fortune. Besides this great interview, the team also answers a ton of your questions, as they normally do (because they care). Download and enjoy.


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remix4076d ago

but i dont like when people compare the ps3 to dreamcast. in all honesty, that would be more like the 360 because the dreamcast before ps2 and it was alot of the same thing. (HOW CAN THE PLAYSTATION CATCH UP)
and it was more so aimed at the hardcore like the 360



the playstation was selling descent at a high price with not to many games so i could never understand how people come up with dreamcast sometimes

Skerj4076d ago

The Dreamcast had a pretty large following and install base before the PS2 came out. Tons of good games, some of which I still play to this day. However, there were still a lot of people who held off though because Ken sold them on the PS2, and since it had legacy games and the new PS2 games, it was a pretty good deal for the price.

If all of that failed well you still had a pretty decent DVD player (at the time). When the PS2 launched it had a less than stellar lineup of games yet they ended up selling tons when the games eventually did start coming out. Well we see how that story ended, and this one is just beginning. I however think they have it the other way around though. ..

BTW All of this is Nintendo's fault!!

AllanWakker4076d ago

Dreamcast 360:

A year too early to market
Underpowered hardware
Lunatic fans who were constantly trying to 'prove' its graphical superiority
Lunatic fans who were constantly claiming it was 'easy teh program' vs other systems
A small and weak library that was desperately hyped

The parallels will be complete when Microsoft pulls the plug on the 360

BulletToothtony4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

but podcast beyond it's one of my favorites, it's pretty decent.. it's not so lame.. they're not fanboys like in some 360 podcasts.. they are honest.. and that's what i like

ea: like when they ask each other they say, well i've been playing bioshock and metroid.. and thats what i like to hear you know.. people who are honest.. i know that the 360 has good games and i like them admitting it instead of being fanboys

aaquib54076d ago

This is much better than the 1UP yours podcase IMO. I only listened to 1 of them during E3 with the hosts and Ngai Croal and they are just such annoying fanboys(except Ngai ofcourse). They all spoke like they were nerds or british, and one guy is like "Im going to buy a PS3 now because at $500 it's a heck of a good bluray player!" Then the moron laughed by himself for 5-10 seconds, with no response...

Anyways, I hope Uncharted lives up to the hype and is the true AAA game PS3 needs. Since Im not into Ratchet, and UT3 is delayed, Uncharted and HaZe will have to keep me busy in November.


What are the biggest franchise for Sony? GT5, FF, MGS, SOCOM and none of those games have release...So before any of those games release how can PS3 dominance be question....It's stupid to downplay PS3 when it's had better games in it's 1st year than 360. What record breaking title does the 360 have left, NONE..they have games coming out but no games that have already a fanbase. Fanbase equals console sells not new IP or would of or should of....Any gamer that has written of SONY should just go shoot yourself because of how phucking stupid and blind you are and clearly haven't been gaming for long...Any gamer that's been around the last 15 years knows what franchises sales and what platform they are on.....