New InFamous 2 Trailer (JP)

Sony has released a new trailer for the Japanese version of InFamous 2.In the trailer we get to see Cole manipulating both fire and ice along with his trademark lightning skills.It also appears that Japanese gamers will be getting a special bonus outfit for Cole ( his original duds from the first game ) with their InFamous 2 preorder.

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Dart892703d ago

Awesome can't wait.

Is it just me or do Japanese voice's make everything sound much cooler?

crxss2703d ago

I rather have Cole's InFamous 1 outfit than the stupid Kessler alternative skin, Cole's 1st outfit is so much better, hope it's not
a JP exclusive. Anyone know if it's a pre-order item in the States?

Elimin82703d ago

He sounds like Snake in the beginning! Maybe a little.

ComboBreaker2703d ago

If they have English subtitles in the Japanese version, I would order it from Japan instead of buying the American version.

The Japanese voice acting reeks of awesomeness.

Godmars2902703d ago

Makes me wish they give it a multiple voice track with subtitles.

BigPappaPump2703d ago

The Japanese voice overs reminds me of watching some hard core animes.

DrRichtofen2703d ago

Theres an English version of this trailer too

nickjkl2702d ago

uyou only think it sounds better because you dont know what the hell their saying

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belal2703d ago

old trailer, and you get the old outfit in hero and collectors edition too.

RedDeadLB2703d ago

I didn't understand a god damn thing but the trailer is AWESOME

Lirky2703d ago

this story will be better than the first, the first story was good but it got slightly repeatative in how it ended it was a and thats what happend is that it type of ending.

Simon_Brezhnev2703d ago

wth Infamous had one of the best endings this generation. Every game is repetitive.

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