What can we expect from DOTA 2 and Valve?

That is the question we're all asking ourselves. It's being discussed on the forums all over the internet and many fan-sites were created to appease our hunger for every bit of information there is. But to our despair, there's not much. After the Reveal-article and the Q&A on the official site there was hardly any contact between the developers and the community. But there are a few snippets of info to be found and when we combine those with everything we know about VALVe, we can try to put the puzzle together. Most of the following are speculations and theories even though they are based on some facts. If you are one of those people who are all over the internet, a dedicated VALVe-fan or visit the DotA forums frequently, you will probably not find any news here. This article which is by no means the product of professional journalism contains many links to the sources of intel and additional information that you might appreciate.

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reznik_zerosum2787d ago

i expect free game like League Of Legends (prob not...)whre u can buy skins champions etc.

shikamaroooo2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

im pretty disappointing they revamped two of terror blades moves in 6.72 (Soul steal and Conjure Image) but i do now when Dota 2 is out ill be playing for hours hopefully they add a LoD and IMBA mode