Call of the Dead A-list line-up can make Call of Duty cool again

Hating Call of Duty is currently more fashionable than tweed, but FPS Tribe reckon the A-list line-up for Call of the Dead - the zombie level in Black Ops' Escalation DLC - can make the franchise cool once more | FPS Tribe

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tdogchristy902787d ago

As much as ive grown to despise cod, that looked like balls of fun :). Will I jump on board no, but did it look fun, yes.

jony_dols2786d ago

Am I the only person that enjoyed Black Op's single player campaign?

tdogchristy902786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

No, I've enjoyed cod for the campaign. Especially mw, I'm curious as to what happens with them stuck in a safe house ATM. The mp is what I have an issue with. No matter the game, I've always been more of a story driven gamer than a mp gamer.

Danielmccue2786d ago

I love the single player on call of duty games, it offers a epic experience you can't find anywhere else.

FunkMcnasty2783d ago

nope. I enjoyed the campaign immensely. And I still enjoy the online MP. Well, at least there's two of us who aren't afraid to admit we like Black Ops!

Derekvinyard132787d ago

ummm A list? romero hasent made a good zombie in at leat 2 decades, why is rooker in this? hes not even that famous and hes def not A list. Englund i guess because of kruger but he has normal clothes and a pitchfork? buffy the VAMPIRE slayer but NM that. and trejo dosent turn down anything.

theherp802787d ago

I dont think people hate COD, i think they are just ready for something new. Personally i think the last call of duty to do something that added to the genre was Call of Duty 4.

I think it was a great idea to add the money system in Black Ops but they could have done much more with it. Plus issues that the previous iteration suffer from seem to carry over year after year.

Explosives are broken in MW2, not fixed in Black Ops. Spawns are broken in MW2, not fixed in Black Ops. Stabbing has been broken since day one, never fixed. Constant connection issues, not fixed.

there just isn't enough in these games anymore to get my attention. There are better FPS's out there with less issues.

SockMaster2786d ago

I hate call of duty for how incosistent the multiplayer is, one moment i can be awesome and everything goes great, the next moment, im in lobby with a bunch of n00bs and doing really poorly, i felt that every title has innovated enough to keep my interested.

I will never feel that way about zombies, its just immensely fun and addictive and it seems like they put in a shit load of work for this map because the devs know how much we love it, thats why they are getting A-List talent (or in some cases B List) the only map i didnt like was verruckt but thats because its damn hard, every other map has been memorable for a reason or another, im sure this will do the same!

TXIDarkAvenger2786d ago

Yes, the zombie map is freakin awesome. But the other 3 maps are just crap like the rest of the game. Everything is bad in black ops except zombies tbh.

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