A Closer Look at Kingdom Hearts - Critical Hit

Sarah LeBoeuf of The Quarter Bin writes: "When I first heard about Kingdom Hearts, it seemed like there had never been a game more made for me. The combination of Disney princesses, Final Fantasy characters, and action-RPG gameplay nearly made my head explode, and I instantly loved the goofy (no pun intended!) characters unique to Kingdom Hearts. Naturally, I was a big fan of the game almost immediately, and it’s been one of my favorites for nearly a decade. After a recent Disney Blu-ray binge of Beauty and the Beast and Pinocchio back-to-back, I was struck by the urge to play through Kingdom Hearts once again, for the first time in over six years. This time around, though, I found myself facing a lot of issues that I simply couldn’t ignore."

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RedDead2489d ago (Edited 2489d ago )

These are my worries about Versus Xiii. I hope Nomura can find a way to make the attacking deeper than X,x,x,x,x,x. Although KH wasn't all that, half of it was dodging and jumping. Anyway Versus has the whole teleport thing, TPS element and limit break(which KH2 brought in but it was ruined by the fact you needed Donald and Goofy there to use it). The gummi ship was extremely useless imo. Would rather not have anything in than that. Afraid to say I was never a fan of the Story of KH, I like some parts of it but I can't take when things get too cheesy and kiddy. It's reminiscent of naruto in alot of ways ( ) except Naruto strayed of the good vs evil part for a long time(until recently it picked that part back up in full force, making me dislike it)

Martha_Washington2489d ago

An HD remake would be nice. If they took out the Gummi Ship. And burned it in a fire.