September NPD data for Canada

Canadian NPD sales for September via Neogaf.

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PS3 Limps on and on4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Pretty much expected. The trend in Canada is a lot like the United States.

My prediction for the US NPD, really good for XBOX 360 and really bad for PS3. Perhaps even worse than VG charts.

bluebrad19744075d ago

Wow, 360 outsold everything in Canada. 360 outsold the ps3 3-1.

predator4075d ago

40k diff between 360 and ps3, ouch, probs 300k diff when it comes to the us figures to

chester4075d ago

because of the 3 NHL 08 platforms in the top10 games for the month.

we love our hockey, what can i say?

51.2k 360's is a ton.

toughNAME4075d ago

i was one of those NHL 08 buyers :D:D:D

ozsman4075d ago

am i the only one that plays baseball in this canada =/

PS3 Limps on and on4075d ago

Sony has work to do and only themselfs to blame. They dropped the price and good things happen like in Europe. It's still the most expensive console.

The more they get ass kicked, the more they get their heads on straight. So instead you should praise this ass kicking if you can.

Kuest4075d ago

you got some SENSE in you, boy. My, my.

DeadIIIRed4075d ago

I mean its not like there was a third Halo released to help boost 360 sales, right? Seriously though, your theory does make some sense. Last gen Microsoft got their a**es personally hand delivered to them by Mr. Kutaragi and this generation they seem to have their game plan (and wallet) somewhat together. However, since Mr. Kutaragi has left Sony I guess you xbots will have to settle for Phil Harrison to make the delayed (no pun intended) delivery this generation.

ATLRoAcH4075d ago

I ain't worried 'bout a thang.I knew what I was getting when I got a PS3 and I'm happy with it.The PS3 and the PSP are simply beautiful together and I'm blinded by the shine of potential I see.

Bloodmask4075d ago

Xbox 360 = 51.2K
PS3 = 15.6K

Xbox 360 sales are over 3 to 1 when compared to PS3 sales in Canada according to the official numbers. I expect the same results in the American official numbers.

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The story is too old to be commented.