Binary Domain : first gameplay video

First gameplay video for the shooter by SEGA

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QuakeStyle2790d ago

Gears of iRobominator Mass of Charted

OhMyGandhi2790d ago

wow, that game looks painfully generic.
Some of the landscape shots look nice, but the damned character models look rather dated.
as for shooting mechanics go, it's gears.
Story is similar to Terminator, and the "gang" you command look uninspired and tired.

Was looking forward to this game, and from that trailer, even with it's cool music, still left me with a rather bad aftertaste.

DeadlyFire2790d ago

Look fine to me. Maybe not super gloom + super detailed, but that's not always a bad thing. Some games live without high-end graphics and they are awesome. Games are games you know. Not every single one of them are inspired to be like Crysis's game engine. Insert any high end game in there not just Crysis.

christheredhead2790d ago

game looks really fun. ill be keeping my eye on this title.