Play magazine reveals that a new Golden Axe is still on the way

According to a thread at NeoGAF, an issue of Play Magazine set to be released a week from now has an exclusive story on the upcoming Golden Axe: Beast Rider. While it had been previously announced a year or so ago, news on the game completely vanished and many people assumed it had been canceled. With the upcoming piece in Play, at least gamers worries should be quelled.

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DemiseofPandas4078d ago

Man if this game can live up to the originals, this could be a very fun game. Granted it needs multiplayer.

Bloodmask4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

was one of the true Sega classics back in the day. Tyris Flare FTW. This game would be awesome if it was released with an online coop mode.

Golden Axe was truly one of the originals in the days of side scrolling fighters, with it's fantasy type world and magical abilities.

Kuest4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

your on fiar! How do you keep track of all this stuff?

Trying to challenge MK for the #1 spot, I see.

Bazookajoe_834078d ago

The reason i bought a sega was because of golden axe and altered beast =)

jackdoe4078d ago

Wow, this game was off the radar for a year.

JIN KAZAMA4078d ago

how ALL the xbots just keep talking about online mulitplayer! Get OVER it people, online functionality doesnt have to ALWAYS be there. I can tell, you guys are so used to getting crappy games, that you are just hoping any game will have online multiplayer...thats just sad.

Anyways, the original golden axe was awesome! I really wanna see what they will do with this game.

hope it has online CO-OP MODE(sarcasm).


Skerj4078d ago

So you're saying that online co-op mode isn't good for the PSN either? You sir are detrimental to your cause.

Kuest4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Jim- just don't participate in online services if you don't like them. No will really care, trust me.


And read what I SAID- just don't participate. Hence, the word PARTICIPATE. So, before you make a response... think (or at least try).

Edit 2:

Wait a tic, how come both you and Ganga (or whatever) always type "Play B3yond" at the end of your posts. Am I detecting *gasp* multiple accounts.

JIN KAZAMA4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

are just pathetic. READ what I wrote.
"online functionality doesnt have to ALWAYS be there". Hence the word ALWAYS. So, before you type a response, learn to read.


KUEST: Its not a matter of participating. The argument is, that every GAME doesnt HAVE to have Online Multiplayer to be great. All the XBOTS do when ever a game is announced is say "OOHHHHHH I hope it has ONLINE CO-OP" as if that is the determining factor of greatness. So please, understand the comment I made.

Also, just because he puts PLAY B3YOND as I do doesnt mean multi accounts. Were hardocre sony soldiers, so we put that.
So please, with each reponse you are giving me, is taking away your integrity as a intellectual human being. So i advise you to just move on from this debate of ours, because you have already been corrected. Pick another battle.


goodganja4078d ago (Edited 4078d ago )

Just because Jin and I realize that PS3 is future and we're willing to PLAY B3YOND the imaginations of these Xbot ingrates doesnt mean we're the same person. We just recognize where the future of gaming lies, and that's PS3

Kuest. You're fighting a losing battle. You act as if your brain contains a cell processor in it and you're able to clock out facts when in reality you're clocking out BS and your brain cells are slowly dying. Online functionality is not the end all be all of games. Great games do not have to have Online all of the time. Play Bioshock/Heavenly Sword and tell me how you feel in the morning.

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

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