Portal 2 Review - Pixel Apocalypse

Pixel Apocalypse writes:
As a seasoned hater, widely renowned in the hater industry, I find it hard to like much of anything. So when I played Portal 2 for the first time and didn’t want to commit ritual suicide as a tribute to how awful it was, I and everyone around me who’d paid to see a kickass death were stunned. Understandably.

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Kakihara2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"One guy I played with knew every detail of every corner of every test chamber. At first he seemed annoyed that I apparently hadn’t had my hand-drawn schematics of the fucking floor plans prepared,"

People like this (the ones who expect you to know every inch of every map) are why I never play online with strangers. Strangers=assholes, they're almost as bad as friends.

Fil1012789d ago

lol i know exactly wot you mean I laughed so loud at your comment on not having a hand drawn schematic on the floor plans but on a serious note people like that can kinda ruin the game, it's happened to me a few times on most co-op games.