Sony Working on Yet Another Unannounced PS3 Exclusive

An employee’s CV has revealed that Sony are already working on another PlayStation 3 exclusive.

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Kain812455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Oh man tooooo many games, i need a second Job

sony´s london studios???
Can we expect Getaway 3 or Eight Days announcement soon?

Rynx2455d ago

A breath of fresh air among all these tired PSN hacked articles.

hay2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )

Judging by the studio's history it appears to be some kind of casual title. I hope it's not another singstar.

@zootang: Would be awesome.

zootang2455d ago (Edited 2455d ago )


Were they not working on The Getaway?

TOO PAWNED2455d ago

I would be cautious about this one. I don't think it is 8 Days. It seems like a move game


TheTwelve2455d ago

Sony is like --- we're still here people!!!!


gaffyh2455d ago

If it is The Getaway or Eight Days, then that would be great.

StbI9902455d ago

Only here? they are everywhere...get your fact right mate.

sikbeta2455d ago

*Please be Eight Days*

Istanbull2455d ago

FINISH the Getaway Trilogy dammit!

ComboBreaker2455d ago

like Legend of Dragoon 2 or something.

Or a Japanese JRPG,
like Wild Arms or something.

EeJLP-2455d ago


Has Captain Obvious posted yet? Where is he when you need him?

Sony's making an unannounced game for their game system. No, ya don't say.. hmmm, interesting. Never could have guessed that would be the case.

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sinncross2455d ago

Eight Days most definitely. It has a phyics and animation system nearing completion, a story set and voice actors contracted (Gary Oldman!!!!)

The Getaway was more of a tech demo when it was shown. Both would be awesome for release but I think the 3rd person action title of Eight Days will be more easily completable I think.

NoobJobz2455d ago

You had me at Gary Oldman. What a beast. By far my favorite actor. I've never heard of the game but if they got Oldman into, it's gotta be good.

stuntman_mike2455d ago

wasnt it both gary oldman and ving rhames doing the voice for it, if i remember correctly

sinncross2455d ago

Yup, Ving Rhames as well!

gaffyh2455d ago

Eight Days did look epic when they showed all those years ago, but don't you think Uncharted kinda copied the way it was going to be? I mean the action scenes in the game.

rob60212455d ago

Considering what the press did to Socom 4, I doubt they would be very forgiving for what they would immediately call the getaway or eight days a 'generic' 3rd person action game. If it's exclusive to the PS3 it has to be very special and original they've made that much clear.

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FACTUAL evidence2455d ago

"Sony Working on Yet Another Unannounced PS3 Exclusive"

C'mon now.....who's surprised? Sony actually gives games it's no big shocker.

Heartnet2455d ago

Or like eyepet 2 or sumin Hehe

metsgaming2455d ago

a few days ago i talked about how ever week sony is getting another exclusive. At this point it seems even higher to like 2 games a week !

djreplay2454d ago

It's Eyepet and Friend's, it's now been announced though.

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Silly gameAr2455d ago

At the end of the day, It's still all about the games.

cyborg2455d ago

some refreshing news amdist all this PSN wreckage. I hope it's Eight Days.

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