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With Outland being released on Xbox Live Arcade yesterday, does the gameplay stack up to the stunning visuals?

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sarshelyam2787d ago

One of the main reasons I'm bummed about PSN being down another week. I'd get it for my Xbox, but frankly, I don't play the Xbox all that much so I'd hate to buy it and have it collect dust. That coupled with the fact that all my other Housemarque games are on the PS3 (Super Stardust HD, Dead Nation) I guess I'm kind of, I don't know, collecting them?

rdgneoz32787d ago

Hoping the PSN is up by next week, I want to pick up this and Under Siege. I has SS HD and Dead Nation as well :P

TomInc2787d ago

I know how you feel =/ When this was being reviewed by Ben I wanted to get it on PSN cause I kept hearing good things... was hoping it'd be back up yesterday but no.