Mortal Kombat Review - Fatalities Full of Fun (Hooked Gamers)

The history surrounding Mortal Kombat is in the bloodlines of gaming culture. It takes just one word to get our blood pumping: “Fatality”. From replacing every “C” with a “K” to ripping out spines Mortal Kombat is an icon among gamers. When the original game hit home consoles, the gore and violence depicted outraged parents and senators alike. They quickly demanded a video game ratings system and the the Electronic Software Ratings Board was born.

Sadly though, the last decade hasn’t been especially kind to the franchise with each game averaging mediocre review scores. These failures helped to force Mortal Kombat developer Midway Games into bankruptcy. That is until Warner Bros. Interactive bought the intellectual property and formed NetherRealm Studios out of the former company. Is it possible that this rebirth of the franchise allows the game to return the fighting series back to its superior roots?

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