FIFA 12: First details

Impact Engine, "more human" AI...

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Colmshan19902791d ago

Players are more careful because they know he'll dive! :P
Wonder what that means for a team playing like Barcelona last night! :P
As for the new presentation? Has Andy Gray lost another job?

Yi-Long2791d ago can only save 5 replays to your own HDD(!), and you can only upload 5 of them to EA's crappy site.

Also, when watching a replay in theater-mode on your console, you have no control over the angles or whatever. It's just a crappy video of the goal. It's ridiculous. Even the excellent Pro Evo 5 six years orso ago managed to do MUCH better.

I love FIFA these last few years, but the endless screens and menus, the horrible replays (only 10 seconds long, only 5 saves/uploads), and no in-game editor (you have to do it through the crappy website), means they have a whole lot of stuff they can and should improve upon.

Cosmit2791d ago

That's great. I'm guessing a September or October release right?