First FIFA 12 Details Surface, New 'Impact Zones'

The first details of FIFA 12 have been released, after Official PlayStation Magazine in France got to speak to the developers working on the title.

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ShawnCollier2787d ago

Sounds like this should be a very "impactful" game indeed.

jizzyjones2787d ago

Sounds like a load of buzz words to make there usual minor tweaks sound more impressive.

zootang2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

I would really like 3D be a pro mode. It would look the dogs running down the wing in be a pro camera mode or even being the keeper with the ball flying at you in 3D.

heroicjanitor2786d ago


Exactly what I thought, I'm hoping they couldn't think of any new gimmicks this year and instead had to fix the annoying little bugs littered around the gameplay. They can use all of the buzz words and meaningless statistics they like if so.

oli2787d ago

the injury thing seems unecessary, they need to fix the time it takes a player to control a ball.

mephman2787d ago

Yea, I think it might be rather annoying. If you've got a star player, they're now saying "don't use him".

Anderson82786d ago

i see what your saying but i wouldnt mind that kind of addition

hamburger1232787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

"If you try to complete a pass where the player is within visible range, it is more likely to complete."

how the hell should you know that?

I hope its that simple and not that the player has to look at the other player.

Stevo912787d ago

Because you will be facing the player lol

iistuii2787d ago

Of minor tweaks, roster & kit changes, that'll be £40 please. Oh couldn't you have just done that with a patch, er yeah but were EA hand over your cash sonny.

Lol, saying that I'll be the first to buy it. Can't help myself..

Anderson82786d ago

its definitely over priced.. but i havent paid 40 for fifa in a few years.. just go to a supermarket instead of game/gamestation and its £25 day 1

KMxRetro2786d ago

I disagree that its overpriced.

Everyone will go and happily pay £40 for Batman: Arkham Asylum or Portal 2, or what have you, and spend ten or twenty hours playing them. Folks that buy FIFA on day one (for more like £30, if you shop around) will likely play it over the course of the following year for a hundred hours plus.

And once you've played for more than 5 minutes, the changes generally are quite obvious to see, and affect the gameplay more than you'd expect. More often that not, they're for the better.

Big_Dom2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

It's always laughable when people say this kind of thing. EA are only doing the same thing what Konami were doing with the PES series years ago (and still are). It was those minor tweaks and changes that completely changed and improved the game. Only now EA are actually trying to innovate what football plays like on a console, yet people bitch about them making updates and introducing new stuff? Makes no sense to me.

iistuii2786d ago

Have never paid that for any game as I get them from the supermarket and also get 15% off too, but I was more talking about the crap they come out with every year to make you buy it.

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