FIFA 12 revealed in French OPSM

French Official PlayStation Magazine has an exclusive first look on FIFA 12. From the magazine : "EA has decided to change everything in depth! Game engine, AI players, gameplay. And the result is impressive"

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Tommykrem2790d ago

Wow 0_0 A sequel to FIFA 11?
Totally didn't see that one coming.

Croash2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

Hey guess what, next year FIFA 13 will be released.
The year after, it will be FIFA 14's turn.

It will never stop.

I guess the development team didn't think about adding one game to the franchise every 2 years to develop each and every iteration PROPERLY and not merely add a few "GAME CHANGING" (sure) features.

For now, I'll not be trusting what the magazine's cover boasts.
"Engine, gameplay, AI, everything changes"
Yeah right. Don't we hear that every year?

Tommykrem2790d ago

A two year cycle would be cool. Or maybe even a definite FIFA per console! With updates. But I suppose they have to keep up the production to keep dominate and to make a lot of money :)

DiLeCtioN2790d ago

you're going to buy it anyway