BioWare is a great place to work -- for now

BioWare Corp. (Mass Effect) was named as one of "Financial Post's 10 Best Companies to work for" in Canada. Companies were selected based on success and forward-thinking programs. BioWare was gracious regarding the honor, co-founder and CEO Ray Muzyka said, "At BioWare, we have always valued our people, and one of our core values is to provide an environment that offers quality in the workplace and promotes creativity."

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bym051d3710d ago

Funny that he attributed Mass Effect to Bioware when they're probably best known for Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights.

ktchong3710d ago

I thought BioWare was best known for KotOR.

Twizlex3710d ago

Well, Baldur's Gate and Neverwinter Nights are both PC games, which don't seem to get as much press these days. Mass Effect is a HUGE upcoming game and is probably what most gamers these days know them for (that, and KOTOR).

I'm gonna agree with the article, though. I've been a fan of Bioware for a long time, but this whole EA thing makes me uneasy. EA has a bad rep with gamers for a reason, and I have yet to be convinced that they've turned themselves around.

Kuest3710d ago (Edited 3710d ago )

that Twizlex said, and envision it on my post.

Took the words right out of mouth, buddy.

JsonHenry3710d ago

I wonder if it is any coincidence that they are also one of the best developers as well?

And Baldur's Gate and KotoR are their best known I would say. But hopefully they will dazzle us with Mass Effect as well.

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Pugovitz3710d ago

...too bad they're in Canada. As a straight-from-the-gut American, I've vowed to never set foot in Canada: Mexico too, unless I need cheap meds.

toughNAME3710d ago

as a canadian i feel the same way

but now that the Canadian $ is worth more than the US$ ...i think ill go shopping in the US : )

Agent VX3709d ago

As a straight-from-the-gut Canadian, I'm glad you didn't bring your trailerpark trash to my Country.

Funny thing though, I have been in the US a few times in the last few years, flying directly from Canada to the Yucatan, and I still smelled the trailerpark in the air of the jet from the US.