Forget Halo - Horsez is the best game ever

You've seen them on the shelf. You've seen them in the discount bins. You've even seen them proudly displayed in Wal-Mart ads across the country. For whatever reason, these "take care of virtual pets" games are all the rage, from horses to hamsters to, of all things, human babies. But who actually plays these monstrosities? No one you know, right?

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MaximusPrime3708d ago

probably will help to get more ladies into gaming.

Blood_Spiller3708d ago

At least until they encounter their first fanboy and go back to watching their soaps.

Mattguy3708d ago

I doubt horsez could prove to be a potent gateway drug to gaming.

socomnick3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

horses are bad ass dude
Watch this clip

ShiftyLookingCow3708d ago

I want Horsey Deathmatch and CTF

ShiftyLookingCow3708d ago (Edited 3708d ago )

holy [email protected]

edit: check out the the vehicle jumps in both the videos.

dragonire3708d ago

That was hilarious. Thanks for posting TnS

MK_Red3708d ago

Agreed. Awesome post and hilarious article.

And the thing is that deep down inside the humor and fun of the article is a strange fact: Games like Pony, Catz and Horsez actually have fans or at least people that know about them a bit more!

TnS3707d ago

You are welcome. :)