Hayashi talks 3DS DOA and DOA 5

Team Ninja's boss Yosuke Hayashi has recently been talking about why the studio decided to make a Dead or Alive 3DS game and if there will be a Dead or Alive 5 any time soon.

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Blaze9292788d ago

"Also when asked if DOA 5 would appear on the PS3 and Xbox 360, Hayashi said “We’ll think about it. We will take that into consideration.”

...o_0? Wtf is there to consider? What they wanna keep making DoA 3DS games? Ulgh, why'd Itagaki have to leave?

InLaLaLand2788d ago

Devil's Third looks cool although it is published by THQ.

hay2788d ago

I'm waiting for DoA5 for few years now. But with all those fighting games incoming it'd be hard for Team Ninja to prosper well enough.

limewax2788d ago

I will probably end up buying doa4 again soon, this guys seems to have no motivation to bring doa to hd consoles for some reason

Reibooi2788d ago

Even though he said consider I would say it's a 100% that it will be on both consoles. That's whats happening with Ninja Gaiden 3 after all.

The whole thing that annoys me is he implys that if DOA dimensions doesn't do well they won't make DOA 5 which is retarded. Fighting games never sell very well on portables and as such won't give them the sales of say a DOA 3 or 4 and if they are expecting the millions that the other DOA games did they will be disappointed and not make the next one. Which lets face it should have happened a LONG time ago.

gamingdroid2788d ago

I think DOA5 might just come to next generation console. I think we are so close the next release cycle. Heck, it might even come to Nintendo's Project Cafe!

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antauwnehart2788d ago

hayashi humm...?
ninja gaiden sigma 6/10
ninjagaiden sigma 2 5/10
ninjagaidendragon sword 3/10
dead or alive dimensions 3/10
ninja gaiden 8/10
ninja gaiden black 9/10
ninja gaiden 2 9.25/10
dead or alive 2 ultimate 9/10
dead or alive 3 8/10
dead or alive 4 10/10
notice anything hayashi fail!

the_best_player2788d ago

ninja gaiden sigma and ninjagaiden sigma 2 was great.

2788d ago
SpitTake2788d ago

dragon sword kicked so much ass and DoA Dimensions isn't even out but famatsu reviewed it and it got 36/40

NBT912788d ago

I hate their attitude, they seem to be forcing their fans to buy all the Games if they want to see any future titles...>.> lame.

Now yes you do not want to make Games that will not sell and all, but you cant just outright say that the future of the series depends on the sales from Dimensions. Even if it is true, saying that to the public is not very professional IMO.

just_sayin2788d ago

That is bullcrap u want DOA 5 go buy the 3ds version first. I don't even want a 3DS

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