Official E3 2011 Twitter Confirms That E3 Is Back With A Bang

The official E3 Twitter Page has posted some very intriguing comments regarding the preparation and manpower going into making sure this year's E3 is one to remember. The show floor is jam packed this year and space is becoming extremely sparse following the latest comment from Twitter

''Close to 200 exhibitors are confirmed for E3 Expo 2011 with a show floor that's almost sold out! What are you anxious to see announced?

''We're putting down enough temporary Ethernet cabling for E3 to reach from LA to San Francisco and back''

''Nintendo's unveiling a new console at this year's E3! Have you registered yet?''

Expect booth babes, major titles, console announcements and a wave of megatons ensuring that the sparkle and circus of E3 has triumphantly returned. We watched in horror as you were close to death, but now your back and stronger than ever. Welcome back, old friend.

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Updat8blogger2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

E3 is back.

The glitz and glamour has returned.

Feels like the E3 of old. Really enjoy seeing the leaked pics every year of demo stations etc being shipped into the convention center ahead of E3. :)

hay2789d ago

Well, major consoles are announced every few years, and it's always big. Can't wait.

2790d ago
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Updat8blogger2790d ago

Wii 2 will be amazing.

I personally had no faith in Nintendo after the Wii but this will change things.

Realistic Zelda day 1 buy for me.

2790d ago
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