Frightening New Screens of Condemned 2: Bloodshot

It's nearing Halloween and Sega has just released all new screenshots for its upcoming itle Condemned 2: Bloodshot.

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wil4hire3480d ago

Am I the only one not really.. taken back by these shots?

InMyOpinion3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

I agree with you. It's probably cause it runs on the same engine as Condemned 1....and F.E.A.R. It's more than 2 years old now, they really need to update it. Not too pretty. I still enjoyed both games though, especially Condemned. Very cool.

Skerj3480d ago

They're not that impressive but the gameplay of the first one was pretty cool, as long as they keep up with the forensics aspects then I'm in.

Charlie26883480d ago

Let me guess you like CSI :P

If you do a +bubble my be heading your way XD

Skerj3480d ago

Hah yeah actually I do, and Law and Order SVU. I wanted to be a forensics scientist when I was younger but that passed. It really was an awesome feature in the first game I just wish it were more open ended.

Charlie26883480d ago

SWEET :D here have your +bubble

I am addicted to CSI I have all seasons on DVD and even then I watch the re-runs on the Sony channel XD

Imalwaysright3480d ago

when is this game going to be released??

Charlie26883480d ago

SWEET I LOVE the first one :D

BRubble3480d ago (Edited 3480d ago )

What the hell is up with this game? I keep expecting these new shots to be an improvement but to my dismay, they are no different than the last diappoionting batch. It looks like an old xbox game. Doom3 looked a lot better than this wretched steaming pile. The graphics are washed out, muddy, and polygonal, and I say its doomed to sub-pars-ville man.

I give it, Two poohy thumbs down.