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With the recent fluctuation of DLC coming to the Xbox Live Marketplace, I again asked myself the question ‘are these add-ons and Arcade games priced to high?’ Is 1200 MSP too high a price for XBLA games and do we feel the need to buy a game/DLC on day one?

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Kran2670d ago

Yes. Especially when the only content is just 4 maps which anybody could make, when being given the software.

Cajun Chicken2670d ago

In the cases of games such as Serious Sam HD FE&SE, I think that it's perfectly acceptable, but there must obviously be limits to the minimum of content what gets priced as 1200MSP. For example, there's no reason why both Banjo ports haven't dropped in price yet.

soundslike2670d ago

Thats the brilliance of made-up exchange rates, there doesn't have to be a limit to the minimum amount of content, just look at Dave&Busters

Games that normally cost 50 cents are closer to 1.50, but you don't know until you do the math. Sure everyone knows 1200 is 15 bucks now, but just calling it 1200 makes the customer separate their mind from their wallet, if only just a tiny bit.

sinncross2670d ago

Depends on how much content is offered.

Perjoss2670d ago

sinncross is the winner.

but on another note, am I the only one who thinks map packs should be free. For a multiplayer game to receive a map pack its because its doing quite well in the first place. Why not give gamers a little something to say thanks for buying our game.

A nice example is Burnout Paradise, the devs really looked after the fans and this did NOT go unnoticed.

I have another idea, how about just giving the first 20,000 copies (or people who bought the game in the first week) the map packs for free. Early adopters kind of get screwed when you consider games drop in price quite fast these days. I think people need a little incentive to buy games at full price on release day.

Rybakov2670d ago

map packs are one thing but for arcade games and full expansions to game (assuming they are expansions and not just an extra mission) are a different story

limbo was well worth the 15 bucks....and as a kid in elementary school i loved banjo and kazooie so to me that was worth it

but they tend to price thing accordingly for the most part unless its a call of duty map pack then it should be 400ms

HolyOrangeCows2669d ago (Edited 2669d ago )

The original Banjo-Kazooie games were amazing, of course THEY're worth $15.

As for COD map packs that are a few slightly modified versions of SP

Solidus187-SCMilk2670d ago

If I played COD half as much as some people I know then I think I would get my moneys worth by buying the maps. But they would sell a hell of alot more if they were only $10, but they might make less money like that, who knows.

I would pay $15 for some awesome Single player DLC for a game I really like such as Bioshock or mass effect. But there is yet to be an actual huge DLC like that. The closest Iv tries would be lair of the shadow broker.

Id pay 20 or more for an awesome SP "expansion pack" type DLC, but the devs are more about releasing little pieces at a time nowadays.

Shadow complex was the best $15 I ever spent for a new game.

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additup282670d ago

yes, 800 points or 10 dollars is my limit when it comes to dlc/arcade games. i can wait it out if they go for the 1200 mark.

theonlylolking2670d ago

Yes, I could get section 8:Prejudice for 1200msp. It has a story mode, bot battles, co-op, and online. A full game I could get instead of DLC.

T3MPL3TON 2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

Honestly I haven't bought anything that was truly worth 1200, maybe in total sure.. when we're talking two three items of DLC but when I'm paying 1200msp for a few maps that's a rip off.

Now if we're talking actual full games. Like say Limbo for example, great game.. but 1200 was too high. 800 should have been the price. Gamers were taking a big gamble.. the game looked interesting but looks don't make a game great, the company that made it nobody had heard of. That was a bit of an undertaking to say, I'll put down 1200 on a game that could end up only being worth 400.

DWOM2670d ago (Edited 2670d ago )

if it's a lot of gameplay content then it's ok, but if it is like extra costumes, weapons, etc. then it's a robbery...

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