Super Mario Galaxy Concept Dates Back to 1995

Satoru Iwata interviews the development team behind Super Mario Galaxy regarding the development process behind the game. Reveals that Miyamoto's concept for Super Mario Galaxy has been in planning since 1995.

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goodganja3571d ago

Maybe Super Mario Galaxy is what used to be called "Mario 128".

P L A Y B 3 Y O N D

rwest783571d ago

That doesn't come as much surprize seeing as its going to be run on 1995 hardware

KeiZka3571d ago

Wouldn't be surprised if it has been on the drawing board since then... many things take a bit of time to come... Like DNF, though we aren't seeing that one. Ever.

ItsDubC3571d ago

lol don't give up hope on DNF! It'll be a multiplat title on Xbox1080, PS5, and the Ultra Wii.

gamesblow3570d ago

hahahahahahhahahahaah... Wow, that's amazingly funn for some reason.

jackdoe3571d ago

It was probably slated to come the GC but switched platforms to the Wii after the GC was canceled.

unsunghero283571d ago

Have you seen the screens for this baby?

There's no way that this one had gone under any form of gamecube development, unless all that was scrapped a looong time ago.

jackdoe3571d ago

I've seen the screens and it is feasible.

zerolinkgannon3571d ago

There goes Insomniac's theory of Mario copying them *shruggs shoulders*

djt233571d ago

wow i never know

jackdoe you are on something i mean on it

jackdoe3571d ago

You mean on drugs or onto a conspiracy?

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