Examiner - Prototype 2 preview: the sequel worth playing

Examiner - Prototype strived to create the super soldier that gamers could immerse themselves with; placing the character’s destruction and chaos at the palm of their hands. Destruction and chaos. Two macho heavy, war-like, extraneous concepts Radical Entertainment attempted to portray and execute giving gamers the vibe: ultimate weapon. However, Prototype for many people, failed to capture that feel, either by its technical hiccups or other matters; regardless it was placed in the average category of games and hit bargain bins shortly after.

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Cajun Chicken2791d ago

Seriously? I loved Prototype, I haven't seen that much difference in powers in the sequel yet, maybe easier controls, combos and easier to unlock powers, but as for new abilities, they kind of just look the same.

Looking forward to it though! It's taken the crown from Crackdown!

jerkbeast2791d ago

So basically this guy watched the trailer and then made some comments, thanks, thanks for wasting my time