Readers no longer able to comment on PS Blog until PSN is restored

PS Blog writes: We are aware that you may no longer able to log-in to the PlayStation.Blog and leave comments. This is because every time you log-in using your PlayStation Network ID, a cookie is created to keep you logged in for one week. These cookies have now started to expire and you will not be able to log back in until PSN has been restored.

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BullCrap2637d ago

Good, tired of seeing the trolls poping up spewing nonsense.

Hellsvacancy2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

Only if the same was to happen on N4G

fedexas2637d ago

N4G would be an amazing place if that happened.

Honest_gamer2637d ago

i dont know about this, take away all the fan boys etc then it'll be 4/5 comments an artical, pretty much like the gaming version of AnimeShinbun bye that i mean dead 5 articals a day etc

StanSmith2637d ago

Whilst i don't doubt there were some trolls, are you really suggesting that people had no right to be angry with Sony and expressing their anger through the blog? Would you be branding them all trolls if they only praised Sony?

fedexas2637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

...What does this have to do with praising/bashing Sony? What do you want people do, bash Sony? So no one has the right to say that Sony is right about something? Why does it have to equate to praising Sony? There are things I applaud Sony for and things I can disagree with.

This situation is something I applaud them for, because they took action at the right moment.

EDIT: I did read what you said. But you also cannot deny that there are trolls on this site and the blog that will always find a way to bash Sony, regardless of what they do. I've been on the Playstation Blog and almost every time there's an update, you hear people bashing Sony or crying out about store updates. There is a difference between voicing an opinion and being a troll.

I also like how I'm being disagreed with for being logical. Good ol' N4G.

StanSmith2637d ago

Dude just re-read what i wrote! It is implied by bullcrap that people on the blog were trolling. They are branded as trolls because they expressed that anger towards Sony. Not once did i state that people can't praise Sony. I'm simply stating that people have a right to be angered or happy with Sony without being branded as a troll, just because you don't like their reaction to the current situation!

StanSmith2637d ago

Trolls on this site? yes i agree with that! But how can you troll the playstation blog when you need a PSN account to comment?

You're getting disagrees because you too are saying that because people have an opinion on Sony's updates and the current PSN issue that you don't like or agree with, then they must be trolls. It's illogical to state the people on the blog are trolling because they disagree with something that Sony do.

InLaLaLand2637d ago

I do feel for some people that are angry with Sony but there are SOME that always complain about everything on the blogs. What's funny that they usually complain about the PSN store updates and when the games they want arrive they complain about another game (smh), also those people became Plus members LMAO.

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Scary692637d ago

Good, was getting tired of the whiners.

Blaze9292637d ago

makes sense, the more people talk the more of a big deal and wide spread the issue will be. Seems they want to contain this as much as possible in a quick and timely fashion.

Joni-Ice2637d ago

This is actually great news. This could mean they are near completion of the new PSN.

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Cloudberry2637d ago

Anyone still could leave any questions & feed backs via the official PlayStation twitter feeds.

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Blaze9292637d ago (Edited 2637d ago )

I never understood how people were logging in anyway. Never worked for me.

LoneWanderer092637d ago

i haven't been able to log into the Playstation Forums or Blogs since the PSN got hacked

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