PSN Hack: The UK Press Overreacts

NowGamer runs down all of today's sensationalist and factually incorrect newspaper headlines regarding the PSN hack, with photos of all newspaper articles.

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Optical_Matrix2789d ago

Something you need to learn about living in the UK, the media always reacts. Especially tabloids like The Sun and Daily Mail. Absolute joke excuses for newspapers.

fastrez2789d ago

The Sun has proven itself to be despicable on this issue. Pure fear-mongering with no sources, info to back up its claims or anything.

More disgraceful than ever.

beavis4play2789d ago

i guess it's kind of like many of the stories and posts on this site....right?

256bit2789d ago

the sun loves citizen kane.

gaffyh2789d ago

The Sun and the Daily Mail have always been fear-mongering no matter what. Daily Mail has actually been around for years, they were siding with the Nazi's during WW2. And these two newspapers are the UK's best-selling papers...

CynicalVision2789d ago

It seems like the "news"papers have to overreact in order to sell. Thankfully we have the internet now to counter-balance some of the junk that's written.

hay2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Hard to tell it's counter-balance since reasonable articles( ) struggle to be approved, while moronic flamebait and fearmongering is approved lightning fast.

xAlmostPro2789d ago

The media here in the UK paper and magazine was is a complete joke, they over react everything and are now(certain papers) even being sued for things like phone hacking.. oh the irony lol

norman292789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Oh the good ol UK press, shouldn't you be somewhere hacking a phone or something?

Call_me_Ishmael2789d ago

The reporters that write this shit down dont really do any research,they just follow big sites for example ign who we all know is a ps3 hating site,they just copy paste the half assed shit that the sites put out to their article.

perfectCarbonara2789d ago

Like a phoenix Sony shall rise from the ashes.

LightofDarkness2789d ago

Seriously dude, stop saying this line over and over.

PirosThe4th2789d ago

I hope!
I seen this coming ages ago. As soon as I fixed my old phat ps3 I deleted all CC info. Also as soon as ps3 got hacked it was obvious that this would happen with rebug.

It's all fucked... freaking hackers... Some hackers like Dark Alex on PSP would never do such a thing. This new hackers are just lame ass douche bags. I mean some give hints to Sony but Sony ignores...
I blame both the hackers and Sony on this one.

PirosThe4th2789d ago

Also Sony is at fault too... Some hackers are cool but others aren't. But then again blame Sony for going after then. Of course they would fight back

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The story is too old to be commented.