7.0 LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame Review

LEGO has become a well known name in the world of casual games, with their multiple titles including the likes of LEGO Star Wars, LEGO Indiana Jones and just about every other popular movie franchise known to man (here’s hoping for LEGO Twilight! Just kidding, don’t kill me). Not a lot of people however, know about the other side of LEGO games, the games exclusively for the Nintendo DS known as the LEGO Battles games. A couple of years ago the first LEGO Battles game came out with not much fanfare. It seemed to be quickly forgotten by the gaming community at large, and most people that still wanted their LEGO kick, just went back to the previously mentioned action platformer games.

Hellbent Games are back with another foray into the LEGO Battles universe, this one based on the little known, but entirely deadly, martial art form of Spinjitzu. LEGO Ninjago: The Videogame is based on the massively popular toy line, adds a little bit of an RPG element, a little sprinkling of RTS and...

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