XG 24/7: LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean Preview

@XG247_Alex writes for @XG247: The Lego game franchise has grown from strength to strength, before I even had a go at the latest instalment of this long standing series I knew it was going to be a gem. This saga is of a rare breed, too many games that have had a blinding first few titles have been balls’ed up by too many changes to the mechanics, the controls, or the art style, the only additions that have been made here are shiner graphics and subtle behind the scenes tweaks to make you enjoy this all the more.

Get ready for some puzzlin’, get ready for some fightin’, get your buckles swashin’ and your timbers shiverin’ – this is going to be a rip roarin’ pirate-tastic adventure.

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Solid_Snake-2791d ago

looking forward to this. love the lego games even at 25yr old.

there good light hearted fun to just sit back and chill.