A Portal to Physics: Conserving Laws with the Portal Gun - A theoretical look at the physics of the Portal gun, if it creates worm holes in space (answer = no), and how Valve gave nods to Isaac Newton in the process.

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floetry1012489d ago

Very cool article. It'll probably be buried under a whole bunch of redundant PSN articles, but I'm glad I read this one.

First paragraph reminded me of the movie The Fly. Some seriously gross teleportation right there, haha.

Pillage052489d ago

He was talking about prayers and assuming they travel the speed of light.

admiralthrawn872489d ago

unless he's just meaning that if photons can't escape a black hole then sound won't either

jerethdagryphon2489d ago

my guess is the portals ustilise and exploit paired particles and a type of wormhole thing

the gun links 2 particles when it hits first for one portal 2nd for the other and uses whatever connects them and opens it up :)

anyone got a better idea