Republic Commando director back at LucasArts, sequel plans?

Tim Longo has left Tomb Raider's Crystal Dynamics and returned to LucasArts where he was employed before as lead designer for Star Wars: Republic Commando.

He then served as the project's director. LucasArts have recently announced a license deal with Epic for their Unreal Engine 3 tech. Are the elite clones returning?

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Droid Control2787d ago

I think a game where you play as memebers of the 501st hunting down criminals and Jedi would be cool.

Set in the years between Episode 3-4

earbus2787d ago

What a ray of sunshine this news is unreal 3 will look nice with these guys.

XRider2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

Yes please my old Xbox is getting worn out from the first game. I want to find and save Sev.


TheEatingChampagne2787d ago


tigertron2787d ago

Republic Commando is one of the only PC games I have and its a great FPS. I used to love spamming Temuera Morrison's phrases.

"The only good lizard, is a dead lizard"
"I'll see you in hell lizard!"
"I need bacta!"

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