NetherRealm Issues Statement On Mortal Kombat Online Woes

TheSixthAxis: Good news for Mortal Kombat fans frustrated with the inconsistent nature of online multiplayer. NetherRealm Studios and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment have released an official statement regarding the problems plaguing the network.

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Nizzy792425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

that's good to know. when i got it for ps3 on day one (and got to play for one day), i noticed some lag and choppiness. i can't wait to get on and play!

Rynx2425d ago

Haha I too was only online with this game for one day. I noticed that when I tried to find a ranked match, it didn't locate anyone. I wonder if that's because no one was going to rank or because the matchmaker is glitchy.

Theyellowflash302425d ago

Yeah I have also noticed it takes a while to connect to other players in ranked matches. And there is some lag.

warrior99882425d ago

i got lag its annoying when lsggy

SolidMGSnake2425d ago

lag lag lag lag. im gonna name my son Lag and my daughter Laggy

warrior99882425d ago

i dont blame you might as well do the same ...

FunAndGun2425d ago

your wife will be in labor for a loooooooong time! ;)

sit down droid2425d ago

you sad troll, quit trolling, i only speak facts

mafiahajeri2425d ago

When I first saw "powered by gamespy" I was like ok this is gonna lag like crap! samething with homefront and more importantly mkvsdc uhhh I miss the 2 says I had when I got the game on the 15th and there was only 20 people online thos were the days. Then the 19th came and the flood gates openend and you know the rest...

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