Geohot: "PSN hack nothing to do with me"

George "Geohot" Hotz, the man who broke the PlayStation 3 wide open, has denied responsibility for the recent PlayStation Network hack that saw the details of 77 million accounts stolen

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movements2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Hotz, really? It has EVERYTHING to do with you. YOU were the one who decided to mess with OtherOS. YOU were the one who then bragged about hacking the console through OtherOS, and when Sony removed the feature because of obvious reasons, you and your basement friends cried foul.

YOU were the one who then unleashed the console's root key on the internet for the world to see, and for your own egotistical reasons.

Then when the inevitable happened and Sony came after you, Anonymous got involved because of YOU. Then all these other basement-sleeping, milk-drinking and paranoid hackers went after Sony, forging some kind of holy crusade because of YOU.

Hotz, leave us alone, this all happened because of YOU.

iamnsuperman2788d ago

I know right. It is either this guy is trying to prove to himself that it isn't his fault or he is a bigger idiot than I thought but it is indirectly his fault. What do you expect when you release the way to hack the PS3. Its like a guy putting your key in your front door and inviting his burglar friends and showing what he has down. Of course there going to go in


You know what's worse? This prick isn't even a gamer.
Words can't express how badly I wana rip his head off.

Soldierone2788d ago

Above 3 comments took ALL words from my mouth. I read it, thought well I have more to add, read the second one. Then "oh Ill just post how much I hate him" and well thats where the third comment comes in. Haha!

This guy is a TOTAL idiot...Let me go make copies of banks and retail stores keys and access cards, and sell them on the internet. I wont do it to steal anything, just to give people an option to go to the store and bank at night. Oh and next week when these places shut down due to money loss....yeah its not my fault....Amazing reasoning right there.

hay2788d ago

Be a man Georgy and take responsibilities for results of your own actions.
It's sad to thing that people who did all the wrong are so weak minded and got blinded by this jerk and him alike.

sikbeta2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Funny thing "I didn't do this, I just opened the gates for all the d-bags out there to do it by themselves"


Pixelated_Army2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

this dude is directly responsible, his hack made all this possible. I wonder how many people are going to sue his ass if their credit/identity gets stolen.

If anyone ever sees this dude in the street do me a big favor and beat the living shit out of him. Thanks in advance.

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Bigpappy2788d ago

Hotz is now "Godfather" of the hacker. He doesn't actually have to get his hands dirty. Seems like the crowd here believes that he was the one to call the hit on Sony. Sounds feesable, but diffecult to prove.

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Legionaire20052788d ago

iamnsuperman good analogy man!!! that was funny lol!!!

Boody-Bandit2788d ago

Enough already Geohot


CameronL992788d ago

Really? Nothing to do with it? Well that's good enough for me! Why would he ever have a reason to lie? Could it be because if he admitted it he'd have the courts coming down on him big time for doing something illegal?

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Lord_Doggington2787d ago

Here's the thing...

*plays xbox live

MAiKU2787d ago


You my friend, have put that so beautifully. I applaud you.


You know what's the worst part?

Many of us had advised this as a possible outcome from as far back as the time when this prick was messing with OtherOS.

I know I did and I remember many other persons saying the same on piracy related articles.

While the anti-Sony guys and pirates were saying that those of us that buy games shouldn't care about people stealing games, we were expressing our concern with PSN data stealing, cheating over PSN and what not...

Guess what: we were deemed some kind of paranoic conspiracy freaks.

Jerks like Hotz and FailOverflow had many times said they were just releasing the power to the people. We, the "paranoids", said that not everything should be freely accessible, there are misintending people all around the world who can use the power for the worst, that this concept of "freedom" was totally irresponsible.

But what impresses me the most is that we, the "paranoids", we're proved right before those said hackers had released a single homebrew program to public, before they could brought back OtherOS, before the pirates enjoyed many games... I even wonder if anyone cares about piracy now a days, but if I say that the only people really interested in all this from the begining was those interested in harming gamers and Sony, that no time was really spent using this "freedom" for anything good, I'll probably be receiving a tinfoil hat on the mail tomorrow, afterall they have my adress now...

I wonder were are the hackers supporters now... I mean those that aren't right here with an alternative account blaming it all on Sony.

Trebius2787d ago

I hope this poor excuse for a man never lives this down.

He's the sole reason why all this has happened, and I hope he gets what he deserves.

I'm not the type to wish pain or misfortune onto others, but this guy deserves it.

Hope he gets stomped out in his neighborhood and it make headline news so everyone in the world can laugh at him.

Mikeyy2787d ago

If I end up getting any false charges, I will definitly be interested in joining a class action lawsuit against George Hotz.

We can easily prove how it was his fault.

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supremacy2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

Well said i couldn't have said it better myself, its time people learn how to take responsibility for their actions.

Fail0verflow, annonymous and this guy have to just disappear once and for all. They mean nothing me as a gamer and i sure as hell dont and wont support their contracditions of visions.

To say you dont condome something and make it possible for that to be had is in itself contradicting as it is filled with guilt via responsibility. But of course with you guys theres never any liability despite all the promises and how pretty the picture is painted.
Then we have these guys...i am telling you they are no good and i strongly feel true gamers on all sides should unite against these people for its the only way they will ever leave us alone, that or until the government starts to get aggressive with these guys and deprive them of certain rights.
The cycle needs to stop.

CarlosX3602788d ago

Good Job to E-mpire on that article. A lot of people are linking to it. Its great. :)

B-Real2062788d ago

@movements Well said, bubbles up

warrior99882788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

leave brittney alone !!! come on why disagree im trying to cheer people up ):

firetaw2788d ago

cause britney doesnt give us an interactive experience. although if hots did, it would be a totally different story.
zap! zap! zap! zap!

Theyellowflash302788d ago

Blaming one guy for sony's failed security is stupid. Blame Sony. They have the money and manpower to update their security. Xbox 360 and Wii have been hacked to death and this hasn't happened to them.

StbI9902788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It was a normal day on Theyellowflash30´s world, when he out of a sudden bump while changing channels on a court case where...

Judge: Some last words my enthralling friend?
Culprit: Blame the person for being weak and unprepared and not me who robbed him and stabbed him to death.
Judge: Calm glance...thinking...
Room: JAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJAJA, WTF, LOLOLOLOL, XDXdxD...HUH?, is that guy crazy?, he mUst not be serious...he must be on drugs. Poor sucker, he is actually trolling us? xdXdXD.

...After a good 10 minutes of laffing off...

Judge: Tap tap tap...Order in the room...Order in the room I said.
Room: Shut.
Judge: LOL, has 9000 thousand year on jail.


Oh theyellowflash, hope your lil big plannet of a world make up for the lack of humility you my kind mate may have on that hollow mind of yours, god really need to bless you xD.

Applauds, applauds.

[email protected]2788d ago

I would LOVE to launch a jutsu on you right now :) SO BAD! :D

kerrak2788d ago

Well yellowflah, next time you are a victim of a criminal act remember your own words.

Legionaire20052788d ago

Yeah but it took them a long time to hack PS3 out of all 3 systems. The Next generation of system need to have maximum security lol so these hacker can't hack a system. This is just a future reference.

d3nworth12788d ago

Geo hotz is to blame. He's the one that opened the door for these jokers in the first place. If he had left well enough alone none of this would have happened.

sourav932787d ago

"Mangekyo sharingan!!". The hackers could have hacked any network. They hacked Sony because Sony took a stand against the hackers who hacked the ps3 i.e. GeoHot and fail0verflow. Why are you even commenting on this article. This isn't for 12 year olds. Go back to playing your Halo Breach (my a$$hole)...

ndl15312787d ago

your a fool if u think its sonys fault , and 360 and nintendo didnt have these hardcore hackers like anonymous after them, pretty sure if they they'd be in deep crap also t and that trash geohot opened the door to all of this so dont defend that prick.

RufustheKing2787d ago


thats like letting hitler off for starting WW2.
"ah sure wasn't it the army that did the invading"

godwins rule rant over

N4GDgAPc2787d ago

RufustheKing That is just stupid what you said. Geohots help start it but didn't tell people to steal information. Hittler started world war 2 and orderd to kill jews. big difference.

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AnttiApina2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


It's right to be angry at Hotz, but he really has nothing to do with this.

PSN is online service and has nothing to do with the system itself.

Edit: And those people who disagreed propably do not know anything about technology nor their security. Hypocrites.

rezzah2788d ago

Cause and effect.

The events of Geohot is very likely to be linked to the cause of the PSN attack. Why PSN only? Why not the other console systems?

Who knows maybe he is directly linked ot the cause of these attacks, but just chooses to hide in the shadows.

Can't really say he has no connection or he does based on his words only, especially when you look at his recent history of interaction with Sony.

fedexas2788d ago

If a woman gets raped, do you blame the woman for not closing her legs or the person who raped her in the first place? So apply that same analogy to these hackers breaking into PSN. They're the ones who broke the law. They're the ones that should be prosecuted.

CarlosX3602788d ago

We disagree with you because YOU don't get it. GeoHot said "here I hacked the system." Then he left the keys out in the world, "here I have released the keys!" Or shall I say, "I opened pandora's box. Destroy Sony! Have at them!"

Now you're backing GeoHotz when he is the original guy who cracked the entire system wide-open for the world to destroy. PSN's hacking was a DIRECT result of GeoHotz's hacking and release of the keys.

Good job Apina, good job defending a hacker. Good job.

JackBNimble2788d ago

Have you ever heard of the domino effect?... That is what this is , a direct result of Geohtoz actions.

Would any of this have happened if Geohotz decided not to jailbreak the ps3?... I doubt it, because (I'll spell it out for you) Anon would have never been involved if Geohotz didn't release the key online and get his ass sued. Anons actions either inspired an outside group to attack the psn or they did it themselves.

This is GeoHotz mess whether he or anyone else wants to believe it or not. He just pushed the first domino and watched it all unfold.

ComboBreaker2788d ago

Without a custom firmware, hackers would have never been able to gen access to the dev branch of PS3 and exploit it.

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Senden2788d ago

What on Earth are you going on about? Geohot messed around with the ps3 not a sony admin's pc. Just because he done this which in turn had Sony take away OtherOs and tried to punish Geohot doesn't mean he's to blame for the retaliation what so ever.

Ignorance is bliss.

rezzah2788d ago

He isn't angry about what geo may have or may not have done (secretly?) directly to the PSN.

He is angry at the fact that the reason why the PSN is down today is due to the actions Geo decided to make in the recent past.

FunAndGun2788d ago

you are living blissfully.

kerrak2788d ago

I don't know if Geohot messed around with sony admin pc or not, yet you seem to know well and you call the rest of us the ignorant ones.


firetaw2788d ago

a better understanding of the console system is a better understanding of the network it access it

CarlosX3602788d ago

When are you going to understand that this is a case of "cause and effect?" I think never, because you LOOOVE geohotz.

When you release the keys of PS3, and release it to the internet, of course, you're to blame for something like this. Its not rocket science.

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fedexas2788d ago

I like how he's distancing himself from this. Real classy./s

He had a lot to do with this, considering that if he didn't run his mouth on the internet, he wouldn't have given people ideas to hack PSN.

Mc Fadge2788d ago

"Then all these other basement-sleeping, milk-drinking and paranoid hackers went after Sony"

What's wrong with drinking milk? :(

JMyers2788d ago

Dude... I couldn't agree more. Well said. He's only commenting because no attention has been thrown his way for a while.

MGRogue20172788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

It's not all Geohot's fault.. Anonymous or some other lame hackers are the ones to blame for the PSN's downtime.

supremacy2788d ago

And who's fault is it they entered the picture in the first place?

LoneWanderer092788d ago


Green Bubble to you

Kushan2788d ago

Sony removed OtherOS from the Slims before Geohot went near the PS3.

Oner2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

That has nothing to do with this. Because YOU as a customer reaped some form of benefit for the removal of OtherOS/PS2 BWC from the Slims in the sum of a $100 cheaper + more reliable PS3. AND the other models that HAD OtherOS still had the support UNTIL EgoHot started his BS. So your "point" is dead wrong.

If you are going to spout a comment like that then post the proper information that goes with it. Otherwise you are just posting misinformation that is factually incorrect of which amounts simply to trolling.

Kushan2788d ago

No, it's factually correct. Sony didn't allow OtherOS on the Slims, that's what kicked it all off. And besides, no matter what Geohot did, Sony had no reason to remove otheros. If you actually research what happened, the "hack" was practically useless and removing OtherOS clearly didn't prevent anything, it just pissed off more people. Blame Geohot all you want, but you can't keep blaming him for stuff like this, for Sony's sheer incompetence.

BlackTar1872788d ago

kushan i thought what kicked it all off was the removal of other OS on the system originally released with them. Correct me if im wrong please

Lykon2788d ago

well said @ movements..... whatever this hotz kid is about , he clearly wants fame and notoriety, he is a self publicising arrogant fool. Every day psn remains down and the more the media hype up concerns over credit card info, the more people who are getting seriously pissed off with him. If he is so bright why can't he get a good job creating amazing games like portal 2 (which i'm playing now, it's brilliant)

Of course it's to do with him, and his legion of monkeys who are supposedly engaging in hacking activism for the right to free information... I think anon lost their way with the geohotz cause, they should stick to things like defending wikileaks.

firetaw2788d ago

forget him he never understood that there are big bad people in the world that will rob you clean of the street.
"arg i need to hack the ps3 and share it to the world"

"oh yes please do" says the criminal

[irony & sarcasm]

ZombieNinjaPanda2788d ago

I'm glad N4g doesn't represent the rest of the internet/world.

He doesn't even take part/have to do with this and you people are calling him a piece of shit and wish to rip his head off.

BlackTar1872788d ago

You do understand that his actions are the motivating force for this right?

You do understand cause and effect right?

You do realize just becasue a mafia don doesn't pull the trigger he is still committing murder right.

maybe bad analogy but im sure your smart enough to get it. If not PM me and ill click block ;)

ZombieNinjaPanda2788d ago

>If not PM and ill click block


Cause and effect, he still did not participate in this, he did not cause this. PSN is being hacked, not the Ps3, and you fools are yelling that you want his head cut off.

You don't see what I'm talking about at all do you?

ndl15312787d ago

were sony fans budy or what you are not ? all the rest of the internet blames sony and talks trash about them when they were victims of a HACK and not just any ones these were hardcore hackers and all u hear is biching and complaining all over the internet , im a real sony fan and hate the fact that this duche opened the door to everything thats happening

Lykon2787d ago

@zombie panda .... anon started their actions against sony by disrupting PSN in defence of sony's lawsuit against geohot. So geohot is definitely at the root of the current situation. anon are mostly an internet activism group and anyone can participate in whatever their current target is. just go to one of their chatrooms to see links to targets. apparently they feel geohot should have the right to distribute info of ps3 security code. but the guy is clearly a self publicising , narcissistic arrogant little prick. I'm sure he would have loved the attention and support of anon, so yeah he is basically the main reason why PSN has been hacked. seriously, fuck him.

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thesummerofgeorge2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

" I'm not going to make cracks at Sony for flipping a s**t when their data is compromised, and not even having the decency to apologize when it's your data that's misappropriated."

How about not having the decency to apologize for STARTING this whole thing. Sony should have to apologize for not being able to prevent the problems YOU created for us? Fuckin dick.... He wants all the attention for starting this, but blames Sony for being a victim of his actions.

This is precisely why Sony didn't want you hacking their console, these are the results of your actions, grow up and accept responsibility, rather than feigning ignorance as if you thought hacking the PS3 would only result in sweet homebrew games... You started this ripple effect.

BlackTar1872788d ago

i would like to have a actual conversation with him. Not to hurt him or anything but to look at him with the really really really face as he explains all the issues you brought up.

xAlmostPro2788d ago

Sites need to stop writing as if the details were taken..

sony have clearly stated that details MAY have been stolen

p.s geohot sucks who cares

gamingdroid2788d ago

"we believe that an unauthorized person has obtained the following information that you provided: name, address (city, state, zip), country, email address, birthdate, PlayStation Network/Qriocity password and login, and handle/PSN online ID."


Dsnyder2788d ago

178 agrees. That must be a record.

chazjamie2787d ago (Edited 2787d ago )

its funny cause the psn hack has nothing to do with what hots did. 179 people are really stupid.

DOMination2788d ago

This kid sure as annoying as he'll but maybe it's about time Sony hired him. He's obviously a douche but a talented douche and his skills could be really insightful to Sony right now.