New Civilization V DLC Pack Trailer

2K Games and Firaxis Games are proud to announce that the two latest installments of downloadable content for the award-winning Sid Meier’s Civilization V will be available starting Thursday, May 3rd . The Civilization and Scenario Pack: Denmark – The Vikings and Explorers Map Pack enhance the addictive “just one turn” gameplay experience and are available from select digital distribution partners.

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Hitman07692667d ago

This game is still getting great support, good to see that.


yea im proud to say i am an ANON! this game is my heroin! and im recieving my fresh dose


that sounded too wrong... CIVanon... civ anonymous... not these other jackasses

Led-Zeppelin2667d ago

Uh dude wtf is wrong with you? lol


i have a problem.... and its name is civilization

WhiteNoise2667d ago

Oh good.........the game that hasn't had it's chronic bugs and gameplay flaws patched is getting paid content. That should please full RRP paying vanilla game customers /s

Games aren't even worth buying in the first 12 months anymore.

Buy them for $20 after 12 months with the DLC included in the 'gold edition' which is also patched to a point where it will actually work.

Gray-Fox2667d ago

Agreed. Kind of annoyed at my self for buying Civ 5 the other day for $25 when I saw all the extra dlc...