L.A.Noire in

That's according to Msxbox-world who recently played the game at Rockstar's London HQ.

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MaggieA2495d ago

Wow, Msxbox is really hyping up this game are they being paid by Rockstar? They got me with that heading good and proper.

Nice read though.

Marcello2495d ago

Yea got me too, i was like oh gawd please dont be true then i read the article & was like ooohhh i see :)

Counting the days till rls :P

gaffyh2495d ago

1. How did this get approved with a ! in the title?

2. How did this get approved when the title is not the same as it is on the news page?

On topic - I was kinda worried for a second.

mafiahajeri2495d ago

Why would you be worried even if it was true? dont you have a personality? with opnions and all that stuff?

I dont know why people care for reviews its one guys opnion in the end...

Marcello2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

Jeez some ppl really need to lighten up, get a sense of humour. wats with all the disagreing ??

Its just an article & a positieve one at that, about wat appears to be a great game. No one is losing here so get a grip.


And to think this was out of my list while Move Heroes was on... Oh, forgive me Rockstar for I have doubted. And they are releasing it right before my Bday, just in time.

I always liked the idea, I just felt it wasn't special and with all the delay and the busy year... Looks like I was completelly wrong, getting it first day now.

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lelo2play2495d ago

Dam... the title sucked... me in.

That week is going to be insane...
Witcher 2 on the 17th May
LA Noir on the 20th May

lastdual2495d ago

Team Bondi can blow me....away with the quality of their story telling.

stuntman_mike2495d ago


im thinking the same, both those games gonna be amazing.

PS3n3602494d ago

I am not buying this game....till it comes out.

Gebus2494d ago

I like to add.... periods to the middle of my sentence for anticipation.

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Ilikegames762495d ago

Yes, LA Noire does sucks! It sucks you into the game and you can't stop playing.

Digitaldude2495d ago

Troll article lol.
Good read, can't wait the play the game.

undercovrr2495d ago

It is not a troll article, its an attention grabbing article and IMO it is very smartly done.

sikbeta2495d ago

Sure with that title will get lot of attention :P

sit down droid2495d ago

i own the game and i can safely say DW7 is alot better. i only speak facts

FunkMcnasty2495d ago (Edited 2495d ago )

@ sit down droid

You don't own the game. It doesn't even release anywhere until the end of May. You are not "speaking a fact," you are either lying or commenting in the wrong forum accidentaly.

Also, saying that one game is better than another is not "speaking a fact," That's an opinion, dude.

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silver-surfer2495d ago

lol, great title dude :-) I noticed an article yesterday and a preview on the site, it seems you really like the game, i was previously sitting on the fence but i have pre-ordered now.

Master_S2495d ago

This game rocks,great article.

rabidpancakeburglar2495d ago

Lol I wasn't expecting that after reading the title. Sounds like it'll be awesome

SirBillyBones2494d ago

I'm afraid that means you're stupid.

kyl2772495d ago

lol The title sucked me in but I'm glad I read it