Sony responds about providing compensation to PSN users

Gamersmint: The PSN security breach has hurt a lot of people, from Sony to the game developers and to a large extent, the whole industry as a whole. With more than a week since the service was taken offline, things have been really hard on everyone.

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Bodster2789d ago

I could see all PSN users getting 3 months or a years subscription free tbh...

iamnsuperman2789d ago

Could be a good marketing ploy.

claterz2789d ago

Maybe a week or two, but a year? I doubt it.

Wouldn't be surprised if they gave us a theme and maybe a new avatar lol.

sikbeta2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

No way, PS+ members may get 3 months free, but everyone else, a dynamic theme or at least a PSN game, no more than that :P

paintsville2789d ago Show
Jdoki2789d ago


Keep on copy and pasting your FUD in every story. It's really helpful.

So far Sony believe CC details were not stolen, but they have confirmed they were encrypted.

Also people's credit rating won't be ruined even if they are a victim of CC fraud. Almost every credit card company has a responsibility to the customer to protect them from fraud. When someone somehow got hold of my credit card details and tried to use them - I had a call from my card holder, who stopped the illegal transaction before it hit the card, they then cancelled the card and I had a new one sent out within 5 working days.

Wow! What a hassle!! /s

The concerning thing is the personal data stolen - and for that Sony should get a huge slap by every nation that has data privacy laws (if it turns out Sony were negligent in their security). But most sensible people will use different passwords for all their accounts (LastPass is awesome for this).

The worst case I can see is an increase in Spam and mail / email / telephone scams. not great, but not the end of the world.

Unfortunately identity theft is going to become more common, and companies like Sony are going to be targets - the whole GeoHotz case just made them a bigger target. The only system not hackable is one not connected to a network.

Finally - it's not 75million people, it's 75million accounts. I'm not saying the real number is trivial (probably around 25-30million) - but you're spreading FUD

Bodster2789d ago

Sorry, this was actually supposed to say PSN + dunno why the "+" didn't register :s

HolyOrangeCows2789d ago

"Trolling"? Considering Paintsville has had a copy-paste parade of this comment ( ) and he has changed all of his stuff into anti-PS3 crap, I do believe this should have been marked as SPAM.

As for compensation,
Sony better give us some free PSN online access after this :)

DragonKnight2789d ago

Sony owes us nothing technically. But it would definitely give them a great PR boost and go a long way to ease people. Who cares about the trolls though, they don't deserve to even have access to PSN.

Death2789d ago

Sony owes us nothing? I'm pretty sure I'm not alone in thinking they need to either credit subscribers or extend their subscriptions for the time they haven't had access to the various services they pay for. The extent of the damage caused by our information not being secure is another matter all together.


thats_just_prime2789d ago

he didnt say anything about compensation other the restoring psn like that was some kind of compensation.

DragonKnight2789d ago

@Death: Oh really? PSN+ subscribers pay for access to PSN? That's news to me. I thought PSN+ was a content service that granted exclusive early access to demos, full game trials, betas, and other such content. Am I mistaken? No? Thought so.

The FACT remains that any and all content that PSN+ subscribers would have had access to within the time span will still be there for them to access, and they haven't lost any money due to it. PSN+ does not grant any special access to PSN that we all don't already have.

And if you're one of those people who have chosen to see and hear what you want about this issue, then you weren't privy to the knowledge that all sensitive CC information on PSN servers was encrypted and Sony merely took a step towards caution in notifying people. In truth, there is no evidence to support that anyone's CC information was actually stolen, so if that is something you're going to try and tout and hold over Sony's head as a method to be correct in demanding compensation for the loss of nothing but time, I suggest you try harder because it's a venue that will not help you at all.

If you're speaking of things such as addresses, phone numbers, and the like; well my friend those are a matter of public record, easily discovered by anyone at any time through the use of Google.

So once again, using actual proof, facts, and logic... Sony owes us nothing. And I challenge you to come up with an actual loss you have suffered other than time that is worthy of the demand of compensation.

X2theG2789d ago

WOW a good sales man would start high and come down from there. You never start low and expect to get more... HAHA!!

Sure, PS+ is a stretch but it sounds good doesn't it? Or would you rather a stupid theme?

Come on, everyone needs to think big and go along with it. If you're doubtful, keep a lesser amount in the back of your head and you won't have such a shock when all you get is a avatar T-shirt that says, "PSN went down for a few weeks and all I got was this lousy shirt". :)

I_find_it_funny2789d ago


I don't even want free PS+, cos the service is nothing special

Lich1202788d ago

"...or any other form of compensation to PSN users as a result of this unavoidable but unfortunate PSN security breach, which has resulted in it being taken offline.”

Oh really Sony? How in anyway is a security breech ever something that is considered unavoidable? If thats the mentality you have towards security then that might be a good sign of where things went wrong.

I say this with slight disdain as I just covered my mates bar tab after his account (that he used for his PSN purchases) was locked for suspicious activity. We have no true proof since it could be coincidence. One hell of a coincidence.

In the words of Sterling Archer, Phrasing Sony... Phrasing.

Death2788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )


Proof, fact and logic? Using my DCUO subscription as an example, I pay $15 month or $.50 a day to play. If PSN is down I can't sign in to the service which is required to play. 10 days have now gone by which is 1/3 of a month or $5.00 That I along with many others have paid and could not play. This is probably the most simple example to point out, but others exist.

I'm pretty confident Sony will address DCUO subscribers so the issue isn't that big, but to say Sony owes nothing is absolutely baseless when you apply it to all users.


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Acquiescence2789d ago

because then it would just screw over all the PS+ users who purchased it already.

kyl2772789d ago

It would because they would just get more time added on.

BLAKHOODe2789d ago

Exactly. Even more time added wouldn't do me much good, as I would have renewed my PS+ anyway, so Sony would still be getting my money.. just later rather than now. Another problem with dealing with PS+ subscribers - we already get free games with our subscription. So IF Sony goes the route of giving up a free game, how do we know Sony wasn't going to give it to us as a PS+ deal anyway?

I think the best thing Sony can do, as I mentioned below.. is give all PSN users a free $10-$15 PSN title of their choice and give PS+ users a free $40 full game title of their choice that we can currently get a 1-hour trial of. That would be fair.

smashman982789d ago

sounds more like u saw a game u didnt have the money for lets be fair a 40 dollar game for all several million ps + users is unrealistic. as well ass 10 -15 dollars for regular users i think some new features would be nice for everybody

BLAKHOODe2789d ago


I buy between 20 and 30 games a year. Not having $40 for a game has never been an issue for me.

LOOK_AT_THIS_I2789d ago


sorry man that doesnt make sense. i get a free months rent/free mortgage payment/car payment etc...but I dont want it because I would already pay it at some point down the road?

Add an extension to the time we missed, give us a discount on some games, or allow us the choice of which free items we would like as a part of the plan rather than have them select it.

Now would be a good time for sony's pr to start allowing the community to be a little more active and vocal about what we would like with that service. perhaps a way to include the video store into the mix would be a huge deal.

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chidori6662789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

You're dreaming if you think you're going to get something free out of this.they aren't going to give away 70 million PS+ accounts just to appease a week of downtime for a free service.

smoothdude2789d ago

I agree, this article didn't really sound like they they are planning on reimbursing PSN users, and honestly I don't think they should (the service is free).

You know I would rather Sony continue to provide PSN for free, instead of trying to go the route Microsoft.

NarooN2789d ago

Yeah no way that's gonna happen. Maybe a free $5 3 year old game or a dynamic theme, nothing more.

slaton242789d ago

i think they need to let every one get either a dynamic theme or avatar...maybe a ps1 game but a 10-15 dollar game no i dont think that would b smart
but to b honest i dont see a point for people who are not subscribe to anything to get something not on ps+ i just buy from store and play online i dont really care to get anything but if i do...thanks sony if not thanks for gettin psn back up sony

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just_looken2789d ago

probably a free game and or $20 psn card tops.

Crazyglues2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Wow you guys are crazy, I'm sorry but PSN is a free service, how can you expect to be compensated for something you don't pay for... (Did you forget PSN Online is FREE)

for PS+ members ok I understand, but everyone else come on' Seriously... Seriously?

What exactly do you want compensation for, not being able to access the FREE Network - to play for FREE Online..

That's like saying if Google Servers go down, Google needs to give me something for the time I was unable to search for stuff -(for FREE... Free being the key word)


AyeGee2789d ago

Bubs.. I agree with you.

PS+ members will most likely get their time back that they lost, which wouldn't be much. And all these people keep freaking out asking for hand outs from a company that just got dealt a huge blow.. they didn't even get back on their feet yet. On top of that, some people are bugging out about how long it's taking them.. i see a lot of naivety.. they're rebuilding the network, this isn't rocket science people.. it will take some time to get back up.

Cool your jets!

xtremeimport2789d ago

I love how he wrote "things have been really hard on everyone." like it was some sort of world tragedy.

Bull5hifT2789d ago

id be happy with a demo of TwisTed MeTal....and a release date for the NGP

DragonKnight2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Disregard this post, the N4G reply system is terribly broken sometimes.

Ricco-Warrior2789d ago

Sony just bring back the online,still will love ya. just like i love rayne,chloe, and that hooker i like to beat up so much in GTA vice city

Ravage272788d ago (Edited 2788d ago )

oh they will be giving out something, but it really is a gesture of goodwill since the PSN is free.

the fucker who's behind this should have both his hands chopped off after he is caught to ensure nothing like this happens again.

xAlmostPro2788d ago

If they give anything free it'll be like a ps store game.. a smart choice would be a free copy of infamous since infamous2 will start recieving attention soon :D ..

I however don't personally want anything but i understand some people do, so if they did that's my 2 cents on what they should do.

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Double_Oh_Snap2789d ago

I would like cross game as I already have plus. Good to see Sony taking notice about loyal customers though.

just_looken2789d ago

get on your os device with skype or even yahoo.

belal2789d ago

If Sony gives us cross game chat, would be super awesome. Maybe a redesign of psn?

ionlyneedonebubble2789d ago

i think u mean a redesign of xmb, which isnt even necessary

AyeGee2789d ago

Why? That would waste even more time.

DarkBlood2789d ago

no they probably already been working on that before this happen and if ngp is anything to go by theres going to be something a bit different about the xmb of the ps3 anyways

AyeGee2788d ago


You have a 360.. go play that.

slaton242789d ago

ok im serious..i think cross game chat would b ok but why is people makin such a big deal about it....if i can remember right all u do is talk to people who are playin other games if that is all i see nothing special...if i am wrong and there is more please let me no

psb2789d ago

Sony's going to provide some kind of goodies to PSN users aswell as introduce new features to PSN. I mean, even after such a long period of outage if they fail to do that, there are bound to be questions, but it's nice to know that they've confirmed that they're aware that customers have suffered due to this.

Props to them.

SpLinT2789d ago

Free Motorstorm 3 copy with voucher code with 50 bucks

jerethdagryphon2789d ago

its not worth it. less then 40 races to complete the campaign and the apacolyse in it is rather half hearted