Madden NFL 12 Pre-Order Bonus Revealed

Eric of writes:

"Maybe a bit ahead of schedule Amazon and Gamestop have updated their websites to reveal pre-order bonuses for Madden NFL 12."

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theherp802671d ago

not the best bonuses for preodering but cant beat amazons $20 credit.

BigKev452671d ago

Skipping this years Madden.

ncstatefan9532671d ago

I'm glad Peyton Hillis won. I might get it, but I have always preferred NCAA Football.

TheLiztress2671d ago

Not sure which bonus I think is better but if I was to get it, Amazon would likely be my choice.

NoobJobz2671d ago

The $20 credit is nice but I couldn't care less about those bonus teams. I won't ever use them.