Top 10 SNES Games looks at 10 favorite games from the SNES console era. "During this hazy, nostalgic haze between controlling a giant worm in a spacesuit to collecting pieces of heart container I thought I would list my all time favorite Top 10 SNES games"

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Istanbull2789d ago

Good list. But they're all games we know, SNES has lots of hidden gems, like Terranigma, Illusions of Gaia etc,

caseh2789d ago

@Istanbul Yeap exactly what I was thinking, nice list but a bit generic and predictable. TaeKwonDo was one of my favourite hidden gems.

Tzuno2788d ago

Treasure Hunter G, Star Ocean, Seiken Densetsu 3 etc. The Super Nintendo Console will always remain nr.1 in my heart, best days of gaming ahh memories.