Top 3 Positives and Negatives of the Current 3 Consoles looks at 3 Pros and 3 Cons of the 3 current major platforms. "Even if you just limit yourself to consoles you’ll find a lot of stuff to love. But also a lot of stuff you may not be so crazy about."

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Agent-862668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

I'd have to say that this was a pretty fair analysis. I'm guessing people could pick and choose what they think should have been added (pro or con) to each console. For me, I think a really important con for the Wii is lack of HD resolution. It's the primary reason I'd never own one and now most third party developers aren't making their AAA offerings available for the Wii (lots of them consider it a "legacy" system).

kyl2772668d ago (Edited 2668d ago )

This is surprisingly balanced. Good articles that highlights the + and - very well. No doubt people will pick apart every playstation negative and say why each point is so very, very wrong...

iamnsuperman2668d ago

Good list. The points system for Live is good for Microsoft though. It is like buying credit for Facebook games. If a game has no real world value then it isn't seem that expensive when you buy it. The firmware one for the PS3 can be annoying but do you want the opposite. Overall a good list

Azazel2668d ago

Good article. I would like to point out that microsoft throws alot of money at certain devs/ companies and thats why xbox gets the better game ported to them.

This article is pretty balanced, and a good resource to those that are just getting into gaming. Cheers!