Best Buy ends sales of analog TVs

Best Buy said Wednesday it has stopped selling analog televisions and pulled all remaining stock from its shelves, signaling the end of an era as consumers increasingly move toward digital products with flat-panel and high-definition screens.

Best Buy, one of the nation's top electronics retailers, heralded the reign of digital TVs, saying it made the move "as the end of the analog broadcast era draws near." Best Buy instructed stores to stop selling the products on Oct. 1.

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PS360WII3593d ago

Nooooooooooooooooooooooo...... what's next the turn dial channel switcher! Oh that's already been taken away.. sniff painful memories.

pilotpistolpete3593d ago

Yeah, just be careful. I was gonna buy a HD tv from there, until I did a bit of reseach and found that it didn't have a digital tuner. I would of been pissed since in a few years, everything wil be digital and I would have a giant black portrait on my wall.

Blood_Spiller3593d ago

You would just need a cable box.

JIN KAZAMA3593d ago

built in digital tuners, and some dont. For the ones that dont, you can just get a cable box from your ISP. Simple.

Blood_Spiller3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

Not your ISP, that's internet :-P
You mean Cable provider.

pilotpistolpete3593d ago

Yes, I knwo that, but its just the fact that I would of never known about it before buying it. For a 2,00$ tv, you better damn well include a digital tuner, since every broadcaster will have to switch to ditigal by 2009. I'd understant if it were an older model, but who still makes these without the tuner?

The cable box is just more money that I would of had to spend, as well as hooking up, yet more cables, making my tv look like its on life support.

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RunamukK3593d ago

The hi -def age officially begins!!

JIN KAZAMA3593d ago

It starts when I say it starts..............ok begin.

Darkiewonder3593d ago

Now I can get my mome to replace all these old TV with HDTV <3

It's Walmart's Turn to take their Analog TV off the online site lawlz.

d3l33t3593d ago

We are entering a new age of TV's!

I will tell my kids about analogue tv's and the resolutions, they wont beleive me!

yaf3593d ago (Edited 3593d ago )

if you ever get a girl friend.

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