What Is The Best Platform For Shooters?

Garvaos from Plus XP asks what is the best gaming platform for shooters?

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Agent-862789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

Personally, PC is my preferred platform for shooters. My journey was the opposite of the author. I started with console shooters such as the original Medal of Honor games, the first Red Faction, and the TimeSplitters series. Then, back in 2002, a friend introduced me to a little ole game called BF 1942 and, by the time the Desert Combat mod came out, I was hooked. After playing with a KB/M, it was hard to imagine ever going back to a controller again. Then you combine that with dedicated servers and usually higher player counts plus better graphics, resolution and frame rates, it is hard to beat the PC for shooters.

Ranshak2789d ago

Its just not about the graphics and smoother frame rate.

The Keyboard mouse is a huge advantage, its a proven fact with control pad devs actually see the need to include noob assist (aim assist).

I think one of the more important aspects of an FPS game is that the people should work together as a team. Since the average PC gamer is of a more mature age then console, people on the PC platform tend to work together. While on console everyone runs of in different directions trying to be Rambo.

Agent-862789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

I agree with your comment, especially about the maturity of the "average PC gamer". I was in the first beta of BFBC 2; the one that was on PS3 only (I really wanted to play it, so I gave it a shot). The teamwork ethic of console gamers was pretty atrocious: little things that go a long way towards winning, like spotting, were sorely lacking. I guess, as I got older, I preferred playing with a more mature audience and gaming platform.

rabidpancakeburglar2789d ago

More mature age but I wouldn't more mature, I would hardly say that some guy in his 20s and playing games on his pc is more mature than your average 13yo console nutcase

imvix2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )


Lets not forget all the 8 year olds who have easy access to get on board a console. Doubt a 8yr old would as easily get on board PC gaming.

A 20yr old would have to be retarded not to be more mature then someone in their teens.

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fryday2789d ago

@Ranshak: Full of BS. You are probably a 13 year old kid who's rig was financed by his parents.

kneon2789d ago

I understand why people like using the mouse, I personally don't, but I get it. What I don't get is how anyone can defend using a keyboard for movement and keep a straight face.

You really need an analog control for movement otherwise movement just sucks. The reason you need a mouse on PC is because the movement control is so bad. On a console you use both the left and right stick to adjust your aim. You can set the right stick to high sensitivity for quick reaction time and use the left stick for fine adjustment.

Keyboard and mouse is the perfect control method for FPS games, if you like camping and sniping ;-)

But really the perfect control method for FPS games is a nun-chuck/nav controller with an analog stick + a mouse for aiming. I have a couple versions of the Frag FX with is exactly that and it's worked great for me, though lately I've been using the Move+sharpshooter.

Inside_out2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

The Xbox is THE system to own this gen. The sales of shooters shows just that and at E3, you will see it will be for a long time.

PC gaming is dying a slow death because they refuse to buy ANYTHING over there and complain about everything. They have a role to play but a dev and pub will barely break even or actually go broke trying to make it over there. There still playing that Valve game ( counterstrike ) from a hundred years ago...O_o

Look what happened to a big dev like Crytek...they, PC ( and PS3 ) bitched and complained from day one. I don't know which is worse, the PS3 pixel counters or the PC pixel counters.

I would love to have everything for free and Microsoft should/could do more to help people game at a more affordable price and they are in many respects BUT devs have to make some money as does Microsoft and their 100,000 strong workforce. I don't agree with everything they do but there is some good people there and I'm quite happy with the 36o.

I own a PS3, Wii and an average PC that I will be upgrading soon...36o easily wins. Click a button and no drama, no settings to set, just plug and play. The graphics are clean and crisp with no surprises...

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JsonHenry2789d ago

Whichever platform lets me use a mouse for aiming is what I pick. With a few exceptions (very few!) that means I choose the PC for all my shooter needs.

DeadlyFire2789d ago

PC is best platform for FPS gaming. Any doubts about that = failure.

I can almost guarantee you within a few more generations of gaming the Keyboard and mouse will appear for consoles as a main platform controller. I personally love that XIM3, Penguin United are Keyboard and Mouse for PS3, X360. I personally hope to test run their equipment. You know how hard it would be to put that on a new or current game console? its mostly just software. Just give the console menu an option to adjust which controller button = which keyboard button = success.

I like the way this guy says this stuff.

A. I have never been a PC gamer.
B. First console FPS I played was Halo.
C. Motion controls are not utilized in FPS games on the Wii.

2fk2789d ago

in my opinion i would say 360 because the remote was made for shooters...also i used to be pc gamer when COD 1 when came out it was cool but idk i just cant get used to the mouse and pad

RedDead2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

It took me a while to get used to it properly but when you do it is better, it is far better. If you don't want it though then just stick a pad in your Pc and your fine(even a 360 if you want).

Reason for me is because there are more Pc fps. Way more, games' going back 10 years are still brilliant. Avp 1 and 2 are some of my favorites. Way better than the recent PoS.

I was a console Fps'r till about 3 years ago aswell. I still play Console Fps but I went and got alot of the games from the past. Way more variety, STALKER is an Fps...but it has the exploration/missions of an Rpg and a good story to boot. It seems like and Rpg in the way you 'level' up armor and guns, really your just getting some new equipment. Best way to describe that is a FPS with the depth of an Rpg. Also Deus Ex and all :)

BeastlyRig2789d ago (Edited 2789d ago )

It's more immersive & accurate to control a character with your real arm than with your thumb!

Trust me if you get good with a mouse your gaming life speeds up & you develop a sort of finesse with your aiming & if you go back to console It literally feels like moving under water!!

oh and pc usually has 180 degree turns!

But I do like 360 controller best for other things.. It's a great controller better than ds3 imo.

dannybohy2789d ago

whack my dpi up to 5700 and spin some seriously quick turns!

2fk2789d ago

also in my case its way more expensive to be a pc comfortable being a console gamer...i have all systems for their exclusives except pc i cant afford a great gaming pc...need to save up big time ill probably do that next year because i really want to try BF3 on pc because of 64 player and wayyyyyyyyyy better graphics for sure

Ruggadagod2789d ago

anything else is second class and I'm not even a pc gamer.

Apollyn2789d ago

Started on console in 1990 got my first PC in 2003 . Still buy consoles for games 3rd person and racing. Sorry just can't find anything more comfortable than a decent KB/M set up.

More accurate and in fps generally better players.

dannybohy2789d ago

same here!, love my xbox for 3rd person stuff!.indead wont bother playin the likes of assassin creed on my PC. Anything FPS is my PC all the way. Far more skill involved on PC FPS, and you play against skilled and team players

Bounkass2789d ago

FPS and games without auto aim PC, games with auto aim consoles, imo.

dannybohy2789d ago

also, if you need autoaim why play a FPS! go play mario

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