Can Rockstar Have Back to Back Games of the Year? All Eyes on L.A. Noire

TQcast author writes: This year, looks to once again be a huge year for Rockstar with none other than L.A. Noire. But, can a Rockstar game really compete against heavy weights such as Mass Effect 3, Uncharted 3 or Gears of War 3 on the same year?

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gorebago2790d ago

Hopefully =p. I wonder how the "it's an open world game but not" angle works out though. That's what killed Mafia 2 for me. I felt like I was playing in a lifeless world and it ruined the experience for me. I'm sure Rockstar know what they're doing though.

rabidpancakeburglar2790d ago

There's a lot of GOTY awards given out and LA Noire will assuredly win some of them but they won't have a hope in hell at the VGAs as there are just too many amazing games coming out this year, will probably be a nominee though. My opinion, don't crucify me with disagrees

Perjoss2790d ago

Rockstar publishing, team bondi creating, at least thats the last i heard about it.

earbus2790d ago

Yeah exactly Team bondi are the devs thats why it may be good.

InfiniteJustice2790d ago

LA Noire has much more competition than RDR did last year. We're talking at least 5 other games which people will be shouting GOTY for; Skyrim, ME3, UC3, GoW3, Portal 2. It's going to be hard to stand out