Jace Hall Mortal Kombat Video A Huge Sensation

XXLGaming writes, "It appears the new Jace Hall music video for Mortal Kombat is a huge sensation among gamers and Hip Hop fans. Since its debut on a popular music/culture site it has been viewed by over 17 million people. Check it out and let us know what you think."

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DaMist2791d ago

HaHa, I like this guy.

jjohan352791d ago

He sucks compared to Red Rapper.

NoBias2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

?? Worldstarhiphop gives your videos a view count for every time you refresh the page. It isn't IP specific (Go and try it).

You can easily hit command+R for an hour and have over a couple thousand hits. And if you get a generator to do it, you can have millions of hits. Some one should call him out on this.

His video has almost 19 million views and 61 comments... Really... ? On youtube it's under 200,000 views.

Skizelli2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Call him out for what exactly? He posted something about this on his wall recently, but he specifically used the word VIEWS, not people. Not once did he claim it was people. It's a cool song nevertheless, regardless of how many people have actually viewed it.

NoBias2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Haha stay in school Bjornsen.

Doesn't work like that on Youtube - The partnership program prevents coding like that. It DOES work like that on Worldstarhiphop. The proof is right in front of your face when you try it. But if you want to turn away from facts, go right ahead.

Foolish sheep.

And that's only one of the countless vids and articles on the matter. I'm not angry, I'm just saying he's embarrassing himself by making a big deal out of it. And yes, every other post was about it on his FB page.

**And Skizelli - What are you blabbin about? When you brag about views, you're bragging about how many people have watched/clicked on your video. But in his case, why brag about how many times you have people hitting command+R to up the view count in a fake way? Earn views legit, don't cheat.

Skizelli2791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

Wrong. When you're talking about views, you're talking about how many times something has been viewed. Why is that such a hard concept for you to understand? It's true that refreshing the page will up the counter, but everything else you're saying is all assumption.

Bjornsen2791d ago Show
rwallace2791d ago

LOL..Hey, just going by what info the press release gave me..Dont shoot the messenger. I think my site would blow up with 17 million in 5 days..LOL!

NoBias2791d ago

Haha its cool man. I just wish someone would call him out on it cuz it would be funny. He wouldn't stop talking about how epic his view counts were on his Facebook page. It's sort of embarrassing.. =\

JaceHall2791d ago

So I am told that there has been discussion going on here I should look at.

Lemme clear things up:

1) I never fake views on anything. I don't need to or have any desire to. It's also pointless. I am hoping that no one thinks or is attempting to accuse me of any such activity for ANY video I make or am associated with. That is a strong accusation that I take seriously. I don't believe in cheating. Period.

2) WorldStarHipHop is a real site, not a bs one. If you don't go there or are part of that community then I can understand why you might be unaware of it but make no mistake that the sit is legit and that the hip hop community uses it as one of the premium launch points for their music videos. The site is also tracked by as well as alexia and is ranked something like one of the top 300 sites in the USA. You can't fake your way up to that ranking and in fact have to worry and pay attention to any activity on your site that may flag it.

3) I apologize to those of you who found my view count updates embarrassing. The achievement of recognition and performance from the hip hop community was exciting for me and I felt celebratory. I'll try not to share my personal joys so much so that I don't offend you further.

4) if you truly believe that the Mortal Kombat view count is bogus or you are somehow skeptical, my suggestion is that you upload a video to that site and then do your best to cheat/replicate 17 Million views and see what happens. I wish you the best of luck with that.

That is all. And to the people who like the video, I appreciate you taking the time to check it out!

Stay strong,
Jace hall