Tri-Ace Shows Off Beyond the Labyrinth RPG for the 3DS with Amazing Graphics

A couple of days ago, Weekly Famitsu magazine revealed that Tri Ace is currently working on an exclusive RPG for the 3DS entitled, Beyond the Labyrinth. Today, Famitsu finally unveiled its first screenshots.

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MightyMark4272791d ago

pretty amazed with the graphics... :) I wanna see some in-game footage now

jbl3162791d ago

Those screens are looking awesome. If I had money to purchase a 3DS, I'll pick this game up.

Venox20082791d ago

wow, if you ask me it looks breathtaking for me .. I really thought it's like Ico :) now I am crossing my fingers that gameplay would be good and then I would buy it if it will come to Europe :) ...and that's only beginning of what 3DS can do ^^ :)