The Next Nintendo: Ten Things That We Want To See - Grand Theft Auto 5, a Nintendo Social Network, streaming 3D video, and a sweet, sweet industrial design are just a few of the things we'd love to see come to the next Nintendo console.

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UnwanteDreamz2790d ago

Like an article that isn't a Ten Things list?

Oh this is about Nintendo, not Lazy writing.

Rybakov2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

how about an actual controller this time and keep the motion on the side as an alternate option

ohhhh and get rid of the shovelware

actually remember all your older awesome system yeah copy that but make it HD new and better

ChickeyCantor2790d ago (Edited 2790d ago )

"ohhhh and get rid of the shovelware "

Third parties will be like : "Okai we move to Xbox and PS3 then, F'u Nintendo. TROLLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL"

Nintendo can't do that, it will be bad for their reputation.

And Wii-mode was ALWAYS optional to developers.
Gamepad could be implemented as well.

Rybakov2790d ago

well 3rd parties could also learn to develop real games instead of the 9 millionth cooking mama

by all means support new devs but they should help them selfs by learning what games are first

ChickeyCantor2790d ago

It got NOTHING to do with "learning".
Shovelware sells, it basically supports their bigger projects.

thedarkvault2790d ago

if it's 80% more powerful than a 360/ps3 as I read it could be then they better not stick us with a gimmicky controller only. Given that it's been said it will likely be 2014 before we see the next xbox/PS then the new nintendo could tide over hardcore gamers until then, if the controller is good(and the online of course).

Masterchef20072790d ago

Not another Wii thats for sure. What I really want to see from Nintendo is a HD console that brings more core experiences to the table. All the casual crap has produced a ton of shovelware on the Wii which is something I dont want to see.

tweet752790d ago

one thing i have imagined for years was a home console that is also a portable. If you could download the games on play that on the controllers screen,at home or away that would be awesome. Even if it were limited to virtual console games.