Player Affinity | Developers We Want Back on PC: Bungie

Player Affinity writes: This has been irritating PC Gamers for over a decade, but that damned XBox stole one of our favorite developers! Long before Reach fell, Bungie was making shooters, strategy and action games that could only be enjoyed on a PC, and we want them back. Halo may have been console gamers’ first viable shooter franchise, but its developer was making some of the best games for PC all through the 90’s.

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fluffydelusions2788d ago

Times change. Lots of money to be had on consoles. Honestly wouldn't worry though because they are multiplat devs now so I don't know why their next game wouldn't go to PC too.

LegitimateJournalist2787d ago

Article mentions that in the summary. Still hoping for Halo 3 and ODST on my PC.