This Generation Is Too Reliant On Online Gaming

What is an unfortunate turn for all the loyal PlayStation Network users has now forced them to be deprived of their online services for a not-so-clear amount of time.

Sony isn’t releasing a specific date of when the services will be available for PlayStation users, but one thing is clear; people are desperate.

It seems that people have forgotten what it was like being a gamer in the early 90's when we didn’t have online gaming available to us on consoles.

It seems people have forgotten the one thing that made us gamers in the first place: Single Player Gaming.

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sdtarm2792d ago

So true, I dont enjoy MP as much as I do SP, hell I barely touch MP... we just need more online experiences like Demons Souls, not this run and shooting mess everyone is doing

TurismoGTR2792d ago

Agreed. Everything is about online now-a-days. They need to focus more on Single Player /Co-Op experience.

It would be cool if devs would create a Co-Op Story online mode where you and your friends would battle against other online members that are apart of the SP Experience!

rezzah2791d ago

Lol that makes me wonder about those who play the FPS games online everyday. I wonder what they'll be playing during the time PSN is down...

Even so I am not to reliant on PSN, recently beat Splatterhouse and I'm currently play AVP only for it's 3 story modes, also almost half way through Dante's Inferno.

Muerte24942791d ago

If it's not a RPG than it's almost doesn't justify paying $59.99 for it. A big chunk of my gaming budget makes sure that is has an online component, which can sustain itself for at least 6 months.

WhiteNoise2791d ago

"This Generation Is Too Reliant On Online Gaming"

and auto aim, and achievements, and linear game design with 'hint' pop ups every 5 seconds, and regen, and checkpoints.


Console gamers are noobs.

Tripl3seis2792d ago

I agree with this article 100% wtf is going on with sp games these days way too easy and also short I remember those days wen games were hard I had to start all over again if u died man I miss those days.

Godmars2902791d ago (Edited 2791d ago )

But still there are games using it, not exploiting it. Like Demon's Souls.

Mind you after that the list gets pretty short.

rezzah2791d ago

Few games add MP as a extra, just a way to play for longer hours or to experience a different gaming style.

I mainly enjoy those which focus on SP rather than MP, which can be frustrating at times.

ionlyneedonebubble2791d ago

Online gaming is where the money is at so get used to it.

rezzah2791d ago


Its like looking at a garden filled with 100 weeds and 1 sunflower.

SP gives you a special experience whereas MP only proves how skilled you are at the specified game's gameplay style.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2791d ago

Agreed. Been playing abuncha SP games. Might reboot Lair, or MGS4.

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The story is too old to be commented.