EA in Hot Water Over Revealing Brown's new Jersey

NGLB: EA inadvertently revealed the Cleveland Brown's new jersey when they unveiled Peyton Hillis as the cover athlete for Madden 2012. Madden executive producer Phil Frazier took to twitter and had this to say about the mishap,"Also had to answer tough questions on prematurely revealing a team's new jersey."


Thanks for the heads up guys. Article has been changed to reflect the correct team names.

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MintBerryCrunch2789d ago

still trying to figure out what is "new" about the jerseys

labaronx2789d ago

and isn't nike supposed to be taking over nfl jerseys come 2012?

mikeslemonade2789d ago

A white running back on the cover!? And the jersey is different because the sleeve has a new art pattern.

kalebgray922789d ago

still the most boring uniform in the league

TurismoGTR2789d ago

Wasn't Aaron Rogers was suppose to grace the cover of Madden 12?

wsoutlaw872789d ago

I know they may have released the new bills uniform in the first trailer. Maybe the author is confused or maybe this isn't the picture hes talking about

myothercar2789d ago

This blogger got it wrong. It's the BUFFALO BILLS jersey that the commotion is all about.

Amateurs, Donny.

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agentxk2789d ago

Let's make sure there is a season, then they can complain about leaking a jersey...

GoldPS32789d ago

The color of poop is brown and this game will be full of it

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